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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

"The Church V's Emperor Bailhache - It Was Only A Matter Of Time"

Sen Bailhache "Dean's suspension

was a mistake"

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache believes the report is unfairly critical of the Dean and has damaged his reputation.

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache has written an open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury expressing his ‘deep dismay’ over the suspension of Dean Bob Key, saying the Bishop made a ‘mistake’.

The former Bailiff is confused over how the Dean could have been suspended saying this action has caused shock and bewilderment in the island.

He believes the report is unfairly critical of the Dean and has damaged his reputation.

Senator Bailhache is concerned as to how the reviewer published the report and believes she was bias in her review.

He says, “The reviewer appears to have approached her task with a predetermined view that procedures in Jersey were inadequate. In my view she has allowed her empathy for HG to cloud her objectivity.

The Senator is also concerned that the Bishop, the Right Reverend Tim Dakin is not aware of Jersey Canon Law. He says, “His failure to show a copy of the report to the Dean was in breach of the principles of natural justice and arguably unlawful.”

“Both the Dean and Mrs Key have been treated unfairly and great distress has been caused in Jersey.”

He says it is unclear if this investigation in disciplinary. Because if it is, it would breach Jersey’s law, the 2012 Canons.

Senator Bailhache believes the bishop does not appear to fully understand the traditional connection between the church and state in Jersey.

He wants the Archbishop to take a personal interest in this situation because he says, “it threatens to do serious harm on the church in Jersey and could cause lasting damage.”

Yesterday the Bishop of Winchester published the terms of reference of the inquiry.


  1. Heil Ballache

  2. No surprise. The King wants to set up the Church of Jersey. A Church which won't allow empathy to cloud The Jersey Way. Move along...

  3. He is becoming unpopular in his own ranks. Crowcroft sits with him on PPC and is now in complete opposition to his well reported efforts to retain the Constables. Ferguson chair of Corporate scrutiny and capable of body punch questions has no time for him.

    It may be just a personal thing but Ian Le Marquand in the States ( check Hansard ) denounced his A B and C options as mathmaticaly unbalanced and undemocratic or words to that effect. CM Gorst, have you noticed has still not created the office of Foreign Minister many months after he said Bailhache would be good in the roll.

    Maybe our government are not as stupid as they seem, its a shame that the government of Germany at the time did not see through Hitler. It would have stopped him from doing so much damage.

  4. "Damaged his reputation"? The thing that damaged the Dean's reputation is his complete failure to adhere to the Diocese's safeguarding rules, thus causing considerable unnecessary stress to the poor autistic lady who was - allegedly - abused at the hands of the church warden (a man who was chaperoned whilst in the presence of females due to the many previouos complaints against him, which the Dean admitted he knew about!)

    I would urge anyone who has not read the report to do so, it certainly is an eye opener. Bob Key should be locked up, never mind suspended. Does Philip Bailache just assume that nobody else has read the publicly-available report, and will just believe him when he says that the Dean's suspension is merely "a mistake"?

    PB is certainly damaging his own reputation by publicly supporting a man who has, it would seem, attempted to cover up allegations of abuse and now refuses to co-operate with the Bishop's inquiry. Just what the island needs, so soon after HDLG. What must the world think of us!!

    Whilst not trying to undermine the seriousness of this matter, I would point out that the one good thing that will come of this, is that it will turn yet more people away from religion, which can only be a good thing IMHO.