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Friday, 22 March 2013

"The Church - The State - And The Jersey Arrogance"

Church v Bishop

"a breakdown in relations"

Who is the clown in the blue jumper?

What has any of this got to do with him? Or anyone else for that matter?

This is a matter for the church heirarchy, and them alone. It is not for Jersey's well to do, good and great, hick rednecks with a few bob in a bank account, to go dictating what the church should, or should not do.

God Almighty!!!

Surely this island has seen enough vile dictators in the last seventy years?

The crisis facing the Church of England in Jersey over the Bishop of Winchester's suspension of the island's Dean is deepening.

ITV News has obtained a letter sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury by senior church figures saying things are so bad there's now a breakdown in relations.

It expresses serious concern about the way Bishop Tim Dakin has handled events following a complaint of abuse by a parishioner in Jersey who claimed a church warden had touched her inappropriately.

The letter calls on Archbishop Justin Welby to offer up the services of his Director for Reconciliation at Lambeth Palace to help them "overcome the misunderstanding, miscommunication and breach of confidence and trust that at present lie between us and the Bishop of Winchester."

A report criticised the Dean Bob Key for being slow to take action.

Now the letter to Archbishop says the Bishop of Winchester is putting church politics ahead of the well being of the alleged victim.

The three key points made in the letter on behalf of Jersey's church wardens and church officers are:

1. They argue the report into the Dean's actions breached the alleged victims privacy and placed details of her personal struggle in the public domain.

2. Church figures in Jersey reaffirm their "admiration and respect" for the work of the Dean.

3. The Bishop of Winchester is placing the politics of the current issue ahead of the need for the church to look after the vulnerable.


  1. 100% agree with what you say Ian.

    Jersey and its churchgoers should keep its noses OUT of all this.

    'nuff said.

  2. Love the seagull,so very apt!

  3. Fab graphics Ian and your usual brand of self belief and honesty, well done.

  4. The world should be up in arms against the cover up of sexually abused children as the hierarchy mock the children dead I wish upon them & there filth of the tabernacle of hell to come clean from the top to the bottom of the denegrates who should hang by the neck till there dead.