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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"The Church Shaping Up For A Win For Abuse Victims"

Seconds Out - Round 2

Dean investigation moves forward

The Bish-op Bash Bosh of Winchester

The investigation into Jersey's suspended Dean has today moved a step forward. 

The Bishop of Winchester has published the terms of reference of an inquiry into the procedures surrounding the way Reverend Bob Key dealt with an abuse claim. 

The inquiry is being led by the former Bishop of Chelmsford the Right Reverend John Galdwin. 

The Anglican Church say their priority is the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. 

The Right Reverend Tim Dakin Bishop of Winchester said "This announcement marks an important step in the process of ensuring that the Churches safeguarding policies are such that we are able to protect the most vulnerable. Our prayers are with all involved particularly the vulnerable woman at the heart this case. This inquiry will allow lessons to be learned for the future and I look forward to receiving its findings."

TOR's are a 'Key' blow for Jersey

Here are the full Terms of Reference

The Bishop of Winchester hereby:

1. Appoints as his Commissary for Visitation of the Parishes of the Deanery of Jersey the Right Reverend John Gladwin.

2. Directs that during the period of the Visitation, all issues relating to or affecting Safeguarding within the Parishes of the Deanery of Jersey shall be dealt with solely as directed by the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser and the Diocesan Safeguarding Panel, and by no other.

3. Mandates that the Visitation shall be limited in its scope to:

a. Clarifying and describing the legal, ecclesiastical and practical nature of the relationship between the Deanery of Jersey, the Diocese of Winchester and the wider Church of England.

b. Examining progress made in implementation of and actions taken in accordance with the Diocesan Safeguarding provisions.

c. Considering the results of the investigation set up in response to the Korris Review and making recommendations for the Deanery, Diocese and the wider Church of England in response to it;

d. Making such further recommendations as may appear necessary and expedient. 

4. Directs that the Visitation shall commence with immediate effect.

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