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Monday, 18 March 2013

"Remorseless Paedophile, Ralph Mauger, Wants His Convictions Quashed"

Sex crimes Centenier appeals

Former policeman & convicted paedophile Ralph Mauger

A former Jersey Centenier who was found guilty of five indecent assaults and jailed for two and a half years, is appealing his conviction and sentence this week. 

Ralph Mauger, 77, was jailed in January and put on the sex offenders register for five years.

Judge Julian Clyde-Smith said on sentencing in January: "The court does not accept that all the offences can be described as isolated and this is a substantial sentence for a man of your age."

Throughout his trial, Mauger denied seven counts of indecent assault and one of inciting an act of gross indecency, involving girls aged six to 14.

The five counts that Mauger was found guilty of all allegedly occurred at a house in Grouville between 1998 and 2006.


  1. One must remember that a sentence can be reduced or added to. I hope in this case it is the latter.

    1. That would depend on whether he was granted leave to appeal his conviction or his sentence. The rule of thumb is that if he was not granted leave to appeal, he would automatically lose six weeks remission on his sentence on both counts. That would leave him with a total of three more months deducted from his automatic remission of a third of his sentence.

  2. Mr Evans you are obviously well versed in prison sentences and appeals

    1. Hardly surprising the amount of times I have been stitched up by this corrupt shower!!!

  3. Hi Ian.

    I didn't think you got 1/3 off on a not guilty plea? I didn't anyway!

    I was also told that if I appealed I would be guaranteed a longer sentence, can't imagining this happening to him as "this is a substantial sentence for a man of your age."

    If it was me I castrate him with two bricks and remove the remanence with a rusty blunt spoon and lock him up for life.

    The sentence is a joke, those victims who suffered the indecent assaults have to live with the mental and physical impact for the rest of their days.

    He's got some nerve to be appealing this!

  4. Above states (He,s got a nerve to be appealing this) He also has got lots of money and more to come, is he not the owner of the field where the load of coins were found?

  5. This sort of offending is not usually a one off. It is usually a lifetime pattern with the discovered offences just being the tip of the iceberg.

    Except in jersey where all offences are ruthlessly investigated, no matter who the perpetrator is or what the repercussions might be, and where token offences are not prosecuted in preference to the more serious.