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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

"Only The 'Jersey Evening Post' Could Praise A Child Abuser"

"Child Abuser, Mario Lundy, does a runner as the Committee of Inquiry is passed"

Click on the pic to read it.

"More Selective Reporting"

In the paper cutting above, the Jersey Evening Post, A.K.A (The Filthy Rag) elect not to mention that Mario Lundy worked at Haut De La Garenne. Recently, at the Royal Court trial of the Jordan's for child abuse, a number of witnesses stated that the Jordan's were not nice people, but Mario Lundy was far far worse than the Jordan's ever were. The children were literally terrified of this monster and stated so in court, yet the Jersey Government refused to prosecute him and continue to pay him a huge wage to this day. No doubt the recently passed Committee of Inquiry into child abuse has been a factor in finally getting rid of this vile animal.

It is also rumoured that whilst at Les Chenes, in a staff meeting Lundy said words to the effect that no one was to touch the children in respect of disciplinary matters, he said that that was his job and his job alone. I wonder what gold plated pay-off and pension awaits this scum bag?

The link below will take you to the Blog of Ex Senator Stuart Syvret where Stuart gives a rather harrowing account of the crimes of Mario Lundy and Tom McKeon A.K.A (The Pinball Wizard) wherein he achieved this nickname for his incredible ability to hurl defenceless children at classroom walls to see how far he could get them to bounce!!!

Please see the link below for the VoiceForChildren Posting


  1. It must be true what people say about him as he has never challenged anyone, for defamation of charater.people are already saying he is doing a runner to a juristition were they can,t touch him.

    1. That is probably why Phick Phil wanted to go to Barbados at the tax payers expense a while back, probably securing housing quallies for the mountain of civil servants, cops, and law practitioners that will be flooding into their jurisdiction in the coming two years!

  2. And to top it all he says he is retiring early to give the Education Department time to find a suitable successor!!! He is 61 now and retiring next year. Just how long does it take? Adding insult to the injury Patrick Ryan has thanked him for a job well done.

    Only in Jersey!