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Friday, 1 March 2013

"No More Walloping Young Kids For P.C 240 Sykes As Jersey Police Finally Hang Themselves" LOL :)

Officers could wear cameras says Jersey's police chief

Mike Bowron said Jersey's CCTV cameras were "effectively obsolete"
Police officers in Jersey could wear cameras as part of their uniform to record their work in future.
The States of Jersey Police's Chief Officer Mike Bowron said a trial is being run this year.
The idea is part of the States of Jersey policing priorities plan to review and improve the use of technology in tackling crime.
Chief Officer Bowron said the current CCTV system was fitted in 1995 and was "effectively obsolete."
He said the cameras helped provide public reassurance but were "also an essential tool in protecting public safety and security through the effective deployment of police resources."
He said funding had been granted from the Criminal Offences Confiscation Fund and the network of cameras will be replaced and upgraded this year.

Drinking hot spots
Alcohol free zones in St Helier were also mentioned in the policing plan.
Mr Bowron said Jersey should consider introducing the zones to help crack down on nuisance drinking hot spots such as Parade Gardens.
Other projects for the police in 2013 included Operation Crackdown, which focused on career criminals and Operation Amber which would change the way sexual offences are investigated in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.
The plan said police would identify named officers to specifically liaise with the Polish, Eastern European, Portuguese and Gay and Lesbian communities.
The report also said more recruitment was needed as due to the age profile of the States of Jersey Police force, a quarter of officers could retire by the end of 2016.
Jersey's Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, said: "The desire to continually improve services, deliver value for money and, most importantly, keep people safe is evident from the stream of new initiatives."

"A Summary From Me"

So....Jersey police are to start wearing cameras? That should make the people feel a whole lot safer now. The Jersey Police Force has many thugs who, because they are wearing a badge and fancy dress outfit, feel they have the right to stamp on, punch and kick the people at their  discretion. Then because of their crimes, feel they have the right to lie through their teeth in statements, and perjure themselves in court knowing that the rest of the bent system will back them to the hilt.
One such bullying coward is P.C 240 Sykes, who felt it his police duty to beat a defenseless teenager almost unconscious, and with no just cause, knowing full well that his rotten friends in high places would cover up for his crimes, which they eventually did. You can read about this scum bag at the link directly below.
Of course, there are many more like Sykes, inadequate losers who's only way of achieving any kind of authority or self importance is to hide behind a badge and a title. There are also some fantastic officers who unfortunately, lack the courage to put an end to the careers of serial oafs like P.C 240 Sykes, these officers are no doubt targeted by other officers if they go against their own. These officers are the ones who should be afforded the full protection of the law, not the thugs.
Remember people, you have the right to defend yourselves against such fascist bigots, that right is called "LAW".
Law literally is
"The right to defend yourself, your family & friends, and your property"
against these tyrants, do not be afraid to use that right when absolutely necessary.
And as for "alcohol free zones"....You have the right to drink anywhere in public that you please so long as you are not causing harm or distress to others.


  1. Remember people....The camera never lies....It just gets tampered with, or lost :)

  2. Superb posting.