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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

"New World Order & Jersey Telecom Team Up On R.F.I.D"

"Thought We Were Joking?"

On the 16th February 2013 we posted an article on microchipping dogs in Jersey, with that article we added a video about the R.F.I.D chip (the microchipping of people).

We knew that many readers would just laugh and call us conspiracy theorist etc etc, but if you have never investigated this subject or done any research, what else would you think? We know that it is already going on around the world, chipping passports, clothes, even packets of razor blades, and yes, people! Companies are chipping people, those refusing to be chipped cannot work for the company. In America they are even making school children wear a chipped I.D Card on their school uniforms.

The link to the previous article and video is below.

Even if what we are saying is true, it could never happen in Jersey, right?

Think Again!!!

Click on the pic to read it.

It really is time for the sheeple to wake up, and wake up very quickly!

Tell these despots to shove their technology and their government contracts up their hoopajoops, time is running short for the human race to act.

The link below will give you access to many educational videos about the New World Order and their evil plans for the people of this world. Ignore this advice at your peril, most of us won't survive anyway. The cull of humans is expected to reach 6.5 Billion when their slaughter is finished.

Please have at least the good sense to check out a few of the videos on the link above. The Codex Alimentarius vid will teach you how they are poisoning us, the Agenda 21 vid will teach you how they will be stealing your property and livelihoods, and the chem-trails vid will explain what they have been spraying on us for the last 20 odd years, and why.

The vid with Charlotte Iserbyt with show you how they have been dumbing people down through the school curriculum for the last hundred years, the Invisible Empire vid tells the whole story, as do the Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica vids, and the Cancer/Big Pharma vid will tell the story of how all these incurable diseases have actually been curable for many generations, yet been suppressed.

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  1. The people who run this dictatorship are capable of ANYTHING!
    They have proved that often enough>