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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

"Lawyers Take Abuse Victims To The Cleaners - And Get Exposed For What They Are"

Lawyers are child abuse winners

Jersey's Chief Minister has confirmed lawyers are likely to get up to twice as much money as victims as a result of the Historic Child Abuse Redress Scheme. 

It was set up to compensate victims of abuse in the island. 

Today, when questioned about it in the States chamber, Senator Ian Gorst refused to say how much had been paid out to victims or law firms so far. 

But, when pressed, he conceded lawyers were likely to receive more money in total as there were advocates working for both the States and the victims. 

He said the money they receive could be up to "twice as much" but that exact figures will only be released when the scheme closes. 

The news comes on the eve of a debate on the terms of reference for a Committee of Inquiry into historic abuse in Jersey.

"A Close Look At The History Of These Parasites"


The word Lawyer is from the late 16th century combining the Latin words lar/lares = (customary law) + iuro/iurare = (to swear, take an oath, to conspire) meaning literally "one who has sworn an oath to customary law (of the private Guild)". Hence, the true and original meaning of lawyer is "one who is authorized and licensed by the private Guilds of the Bar to practice law". Therefore, no lawyer can be counsel without deliberately injuring the law and perverting the course of justice.
Source: Canon 2798 of Astrum Luris Divini Canonum

The word attorn or attornment is from 16th century combining the Latin words 'at' = to + torno (turn/round off) meaning "to consent, implicitly or explicitly, to a transfer of a right." Hence the word Attorney means literally "A person to whom rights have been transferred by consent, implicitly or explicitly". Therefore, no Attorney can be counsel without deliberately injuring the law and perverting the course of justice.
Source: Canon 2799 of Astrum Luris Divini Canonum

The word Barrister is from the late 16th century combining the Latin words 'Baro' = (dunce/incompetent) + sto/stare (to stand firm, to be in position) meaning literally "to stand/represent a dunce/incompetent". Hence the meaning is "a student of the law (of the private Guild) that has been called to the Bar". Therefore, no Barrister can be counsel without deliberately injuring the law and perverting the course of justice.
Source: Canon 2800 of Astrum Luris Divini Canonum

"The Art (of Law)"
In the 13th century in Florence, the Medici organized merchants into private system of five major guilds called "arti mediane" and seven minor guilds called "arti minori" occult guilds called "Arti" (from which the word "art" is derived). Next to the cloth and wool merchants who were also the first bankers, the Arte de Guidici e Notai or the "Guild of judges and notaries" has historically been the second most powerful network of Guilds for over seven hundred and twenty years. Instead of using the Anglo-Saxon concept of Placitum - places of justice, the private guilds created "courts" from cautio meaning literally "bonding, securitization and bailment of oaths, vows and sureties" for profit - the oldest organized crime syndicate dedicated to law corruption in history.

Any Wonder You Should Never Trust Or Employ Anyone From The Legal Profession?


  1. I would suspect Mr Gorst is being rather economical here. I suspect the ratio will be far higher than 2 to one, and not in the claimants favour either.

  2. I have never met anyone who has trusted a Lawyer.You can try and avoid them all your life but if you have to Divorce/buy and sell etc then you have no choice but to pay up after haggling over the bill because of their foulups.If you know of a way around paying Lawyers for these Services then you will be a very rich man.

    1. If you employ a lawyer the courts automatically class you as incompetent/lost at sea, then you cannot win unless the court allows you to win. You are basically deemed a child!

      When you stand up for yourself you are deemed competent and afforded some respect, have nothing to do with lawyers unless you are incapable of speech and reason.

  3. False etymologies can lead you up false paths, I fear. How about lawyer = worker with law on the same paradigm as sawyer =worker with saw and bowyer = worker with bows? Or BARrister = member of the Bar?

  4. I think Frank O'Collins would have something to say about that!!!

  5. Hi Ian.

    Just put up Questions without Answers from this morning, You & your readers can Listen HERE


  6. Just had the tv licence man at the door told him to take me to court but advised them not too. I refused to pay the BBC to tell me lies and hide and protect paedophiles.

    1. You should simply tell them that their implied right of access is revoked/withdrawn, and that you do not wish to contract with their company. Remember....You are not obliged to buy anyone's product!!!