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Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Jersey & Hampshire Police Fail Again - Yet The Church Are Able To Find The Evidence?"

Archbishop of Canterbury Sorry Over

Abuse Complaint 'failing'

The Very Reverend Robert Key has been suspended

The Archbishop of Canterbury apologised to a woman whose complaint of abuse was apparently not taken seriously enough.
Justin Welby said: "I wish to add my own personal apologies to the young woman who was so badly let down."
Anglican Dean of Jersey, the Very Reverend Bob Key, was suspended over concerns about his handling of the complaint.
The Bishop of Winchester, Tim Dakin, withdrew Mr Key's commission following the publication of a diocesan report.
The Safeguarding Panel found there were failures in the implementation of policies in relation to a complaint by a vulnerable adult parishioner in 2008.
The complaint concerned the alleged abusive behaviour of a churchwarden.
A statement from the diocese said Bishop Dakin would begin an investigation to examine "an apparent failure to take the complaint seriously, a perceived lack of neutrality, poor communication and lack of action".
"I want to give my unreserved apologies to the complainant for her treatment," the bishop said.

'Full co-operation'

In a statement the Archbishop commended the "swift, decisive" action of Bishop Dakin.

The Archbishop of Canterbury said the trust of the
vulnerable could not be taken for granted
He said: "I wholeheartedly support the investigation that the bishop has launched. He must receive full co-operation from all involved.
"We cannot place a high enough importance on safeguarding issues and it is vital that lessons are learned from this case, not just in Jersey but throughout the whole of the Church of England.
"Every day, the vulnerable come to us for shelter, for support and for comfort. Their trust cannot be taken for granted."
Bishop Dakin said he was particularly disappointed the Dean of Jersey had "refused to co-operate with the review".
Mr Key was not available for comment.
It is not yet know if the Dean, who also has a "non-voting" seat in Jersey's parliament, the States of Jersey, will be able to take that seat when it next sits on 19 March.
Michael De La Haye, States Greffe, said: "The States are not meeting again until 19 March and the position should be clearer by then, I am not in a position to comment at present."
The States of Jersey Police and Hampshire Constabulary investigated the allegations in 2008 but found there was insufficient evidence to proceed.
The diocese has sent the police a copy of the independent report.
Perhaps the Jersey authorities should get the church in to investigate crime in the future, by all accounts they are doing a far better job than the other two police forces mentioned....LOL


  1. Michael De La Haye, States Greffe, said: "The States are not meeting again until 19 March and the position should be clearer by then, I am not in a position to comment at present.

    He has no commission to act as Dean. Therefore he cannot sit. End of.

  2. Mark McQuillan has finally come in from the cold and has done his very first bit of investigative journalism, wonders never cease!

  3. They must be worrying at Channel TV

  4. It's a shame you're so uneducated.

    Sad fuck.

    1. Smart enough to outgun your bent cops, show your perverted church officials, name and shame your child rapists, and expose your stinking corrupt paedophile protecting government you sad loser :)

      Karma Jon, Karma, we will bring you down too....

  5. Pretty sure Key is a Freemason as well. Perhaps his non co-operation is partly to do with protecting another?

  6. Jon through his actions has become unemployable. He has caused his family so many problems. I do not understand what is wrong with him. It is very sad.

    1. Jon seems to have spent years batting hard the paedophiles and cover up merchants, but it is all starting to unravel with the now obvious endemic problems that Jersey has had (& the UK ,BBC,...)

      What an embarrassment to be related to that poor excuse for a person, even being only partially aware of the unsavoury things he has been up to.

      Though not 'emploied' as such I have this feeling that he is gainfully supported.

  7. Oh Dear. Look what happens when you get proper UK over sight. The tin gods are knocked off their perches.

    The C of E is to be applauded for it's open and realistic approach to this.

    The Catholic Church will destroy itself with it's failure to co-operate with natural justice, or even the Police forces of nation.

    Ireland speaks :

    Ireland !

  8. Tip of the iceberg, theres clearly more to this story, a lot more. We will ever know the real truth ?

    1. I believe the tip of that iceberg, and a few other "floaters" were mentioned about 5 years ago :

  9. Ian ,I thought you might be interested in several aspects of this, please check out and forward to the Pitmans if apropriate :

    Stuart Syvret said...
    Debbie says: “There's nothing sinister about the Alpha course and indeed quite a few of the churches over here endorse it.”

    Nuff said, really.

    This is, after all, in the Jersey context, a Church who’s local head, the Dean, was quite content to see my attempted expression of empathy for abuse survivors shouted-down and stopped – whilst then going on – a few months later when the cause had become fashionable – to use the same Biblical quotes as me.

    You see – that’s what I mean about the respective likelihoods of a non-believer like me being accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven by Christ – and some of those who imagine themselves to be his followers finding a long stretch in purgatory awaiting them.

    To take another example – I really struggle to see a rabid, hard-line, big-time Jersey Catholic like Julian Clyde-Smith cruising through the pearly gates in his limo – given he sentenced a messed-up, 19 year-old - who had been appallingly abused by the States of Jersey – to three years for dealing ecstasy – and then two weeks later, sentencing a “prominent local businessman” to 270 hours community service – for conspiracy to import a shed-load of cocaine – a far more dangerous drug.

    Moreover – as the 19 year-old, his family and I now know – sentenced on the basis of three reports to court – at least two of which constituted – quite obviously – outright perjury.

    I guess that’s why it took us 10 months to obtain the documents.

    But – hey-ho – a few hail Mary’s will sort you out, eh Julian?

    Stuart. (2008)

  10. This reply to Tim South @16 was CENSORED by the JEP on their website
    March 24, 2012 at 5:30 pm
    TITLE: Meal Ticket

    Tim South @16 says: "This is a perfect opportunity for Dean Key who sits in the States without a vote but a voice, and gets paid £24,000 from the taxpayer to do so."

    Agreed -but I would not hold my breath because he is probably something of a bigot.
    I didn't realise that the dean was on that sort of a wad for his part time moonlighting job in the states
    Organised religion has a tendency to maintain a so-cosy relationship with the state and other pillars of power and remain silent when that state power perpetrates evil or allows evil to be perpetrated whereas the evil of the underclass more quickly gains his attention, even when it is across the sea.
    .."as St Paul makes clear, that is what the authority of the state is for"....
    & a few swipes at liberalism while he is at it

    Has the Dean perchance been relatively silent when even our childcare institutions have become "playgrounds of lawless thugs" ?
    Rather selective in the application of christian [or otherwise] morals.
    Is it all about control like in the middle ages ?

    Can anyone spot how the island can save £24,000 per year ?

    It would be interesting to see what other taxpayer money gets channelled into the church and for what purpose.


    With hindsight it seems quite pertinent ?

  11. "Bob Kay's attitude is mentioned along with past 'Vice' Dean the Reverend Peter Manton."

    Whoever sent the comment in that the above extract is from, I cannot publish it without proof of your claim, the allegations are extremely serious and not to be published without absolute proof....Sorry!