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Friday, 1 March 2013

"Jersey Crackpot Of Commerce Has Lost It?"

Tourism’s dream destination . . . the city of St Helier

The seriously deluded David Warr

IT has got a population of just 33,522 and the closest thing it has to a cathedral is the Town Church…
But St Helier should join the likes of Edinburgh, Oxford and Bath in being given official ‘city status’, according to Chamber of Commerce president David Warr.
The businessman believes that attaining such a prestigious title would help St Helier market itself to the world and attract a raft of investors willing to splash their cash in town.



"St Helier"
The Royal Square where the truth is swept under the carpet
along with the rest of the crap they don't want you to see

Brand New £10,000,000 Millenium Park (wasteland)

Town centre slums the States of Jersey refuse to knock down

Aerial view of bedsit land....I mean....err....City of St Helier!!!

"Yes, I See What You Mean David"


  1. The Royal Square was not expected in the line of pictures,


  2. That Royal Square that a Masonic symbol mapped out in paving stones? A set square?

    1. Knowing Jersey, it's probably just bad paving! Anyhoo, set squares are on a 90 degree angle.

    2. Sorry, I meant square and compass. Check this out Someone told me the island is full of Masonic symbolism.

    3. It's a more recent frame added around a V that was put there in the war as an act of defiance (V for Victory!) against the occupying Germans - who never spotted it :)

  3. To the moron who sent the moron comment (which is not getting published simply because of your obvious inherent arrogance) KISS MY ASS!!!

    Certainly ls like something that david warr would write :)

  4. The Co-op own the old houses in Dumaresq Street.They paid the price of a decent three bedroom house for the whole street but not the old vacum cleaner repair shop up the lane. The price was so low because planning put heavy restrictions on the buildings like no internal walls to be demolished. better still planning wanted the old properties on the same side to overlook a small park and the buildings in question including the masters voice building to be refurbished so this would become a pleasant old part of St Helier.

    Co-op were well pis**ed of, so awaited another planning commitee, and turned their attention to Le Marche. Time has passed and the bargain box of buildings they purchased still let down St Helier primarely through corporate greed and wanting to build a sterile money making bigger shop.. There is no reason for them not to do both extend backwards the existing modern building into the yards and absorb the old vacum shop and rebuild and restore the old part of St. Helier. They make millions and millions ripping off Jersey folk just look at the price of their food compared to cheaper UK Co-ops.

    I guess the powers that be will not treat them like normal islanders wanting to build renovate etc.. In a few more years another committee and another. This is what big corporations do to Governments who lack backbone.

    Mr Smith