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Thursday, 7 March 2013

"Jersey Corruption Is That Systemic Complaints Must Go To Westminster For Action!"

"Complaints Against The Establishment Are Always Whitewashed"

So....How many of you have ever made a complaint against the police, the judiciary, or any States employee or department, just to have it dismissed after waiting years for an outcome?

On this blog we have evidenced many many cases where the complainant was treated like a criminal, and the perpetrators walked away unscathed, not even with a caution. We have another batch of cover ups that we will bring to you over the weekend, in one of which the Jersey Police have resorted to intimidating the complainants family members to get at her, in an attempt to stop her taking the complaint further.

Cyril has had a response to the issue of his doctored trial tapes, and has also had a response in conjunction with his complaint against a member of the Viscounts department which we will bring you over the course of the weekend.

We also have some updates on other cases, and I shall be reviewing my complaint against Chief of Police, Mike Bowron. Below, Trevor describes some of the cases he is dealing with along with other members of the States who have had to take on the role of the police and judiciary as the aforementioned entities will not deal with corruption within their own ranks.

It is time now to send your future complaints directly to the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey as he is the Queen's envoy with responsibility for alerting her majesty to the utter corruption going on in Jersey. It would also be wise to copy any complaints to the Justice Secretary in England, even if they are ignored, at least the proof is there that they were sent and ignored. Any complaints must be sent recorded delivery.

We will see you at the weekend with our updates, and don't forget,

It has taken well over a week for this press release to appear!


  1. It has taken well over a week for this press release to appear!

    Sir Philip was in Paris most of last week .

  2. Now I understand, thank you anon!

  3. So the rag had to get Sir Pip's say so before the story could go to print?

    The Beano is not the Rag