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Saturday, 2 March 2013

"Has Any Pope Resigned Before The Evil Ratzinger?"

"Dawn Breaks Over The Garden Of 

Good And Evil"

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In a few days’ time we will witness an extraordinary event.  I know that the Vatican claims that there is a precedent apart from this time where a Roman pontiff has resigned during their lifetime, albeit 600 years ago.  As I have said in recent audios I believe such claims are deliberately misleading and based on all the research we have listed on and there is no evidence whatsoever in the history of the Roman cult’s hold over the Catholic Church since the 13th century that any Roman pontiff has resigned or abdicated from such a position.  Indeed, if the public canons and constitutions of the Catholic Church are to be believed, a Roman pontiff cannot resign or abdicate.  The only way that such events can occur is that the office of Roman pontiff in fact has been vacant for at least the reign of Benedict and possibly longer.

Before we get into this article I want you to consider that the last time there was a coronation, that is, a formal event to install a candidate into the office formally of Roman pontiff was under Pope Paul VI with the last formal investiture.  Since then not a single candidate who has occupied the office of supreme pontiff has been duly invested into the office and merely has acted as an occupier of such an office.

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1 comment:

  1. The world is slowly waking up to maverick mini-fiefdoms where the "high priests" imagine themselves to be beyond the law and basic morality of this world.

    " Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny denounced what he called 'the dysfunction, disconnection, elitism - and the narcissism - that dominate the culture of the Vatican to this day.' "

    We are so fortunate that "the dysfunction, disconnection, elitism - and narcissism" do not dominate the culture of Jersey and that if you hide and ignore paedophilia - it just goes away - as if by a miracle !

    Also from the article : " Tensions have flared this month between Ireland and the Vatican over the latter's refusal to cooperate with a decade of government-ordered investigations into the church's chronic concealment of child abuse by its employees. "

    Nope - still no parallels with perfect Jersey, where we must cling to 'Pope' Philip and trust in his law ......... and of course the independent commission of non-enquiry