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Monday, 18 March 2013

"Dita Paverniece - The Circus Rumbles On"

Calls to introduce careless driving law

Miss Dita Paverniece - victim of fatal car crash

A Jersey deputy wants to know why the island still hasn't got a death by careless driving law.

Deputy Gerard Baudains has been fighting to get one in place for more than two years.

It follows an accident in which a 27-year-old woman, Dita Paverniece was killed, and the driver Niall Linden, 36, was fined £750 and given a 12 month ban.

The Irishman was driving on St Clement's Coast Road in February last year, when his Lotus Elise is thought to have skidded out of control.

The passenger Ms Paverniece suffered a fatal head injury.

Due to a lack of evidence, he was acquitted of causing death by dangerous driving but he did admit the lesser charge of careless driving.

"Just What Was The Truth?"

Niall Linden
I have received over the last couple of years, quite a number of anonymous comments (which have not been published) on this story with rather disturbing implications to some of them. Without anyone identifying themselves or putting any contact details to the comments it is hard to judge just what is the truth, but I am sure that the whole truth still eludes us to this day.

What makes me rather sick is the fact that many people know the truth about this case yet no one has had the decency to tell the truth as they know it. Nurses in the hospital know, witnesses know, cops know, yet no one has the courage to come forward with the truth....

One thing we know for sure is that Linden was way over the speed limit, that is apparent, even to a child, but what else do we have to go on?

I point out very clearly now, that what is written below is what I have been told anonymously on blog comments in relation to this story, all except for the last two points which have been told to me to my face.

I have been told that Linden is Niall's mothers maiden name, and not his fathers name.

I have been told that Linden's father has interests in a rather large hotel in Jersey.

I have been told that Niall Linden's uncle is a judge in Northern Ireland.

I have been told that Linden exited the vehicle with his penis hanging out.

I have been told that oral forensic examinations have been undertaken.

I have been told that Linden was receiving oral sex at the time of the crash.

Please see link below for other postings on this story.


  1. First comment is always the troll

  2. Ian,

    I know you have the link there but you really need to put up a picture of the remains of the car before it was whisked away (apparently without the evidence gathering examination, Ref. proof of speed etc that you would expect after any RTA, never mind a death)

    The state of the car brings home to anyone new to this story that Dita's death was no freak accident but a near inevitability given that she was not wearing a seat belt
    (NB passengers to wear seat belts being the driver's responsibility believe).

    "Insufficient evidence" ; kiss my hot exhaust !
    - and the taxpayer paid his costs @#~% !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The new law is a red herring - all that was required was for the existing law to be applied: Death by dangerous driving ?

    1. To correct you, it is not the driver's responsibility to ensure a passenger wears a seat belt unless that passenger is under 14. If a passenger over that age is not wearing a seat belt then they, and they alone are liable under the Law.

    2. Thank you for correcting me unon @10:37pm on the point of seat belts and re.14years.
      How nice of you to come to Ian's news blog; it is rather good isn't it ?

      Almost 600,000 page views and rising fast.
      I do have to ask, do you come here because of it's raw brilliance or because you are being paid ?
      Either way your presence is perhaps as significant as the "unusual" months of non disclosure of Niall Linden's name or the mysterious re-scheduling of Niall Linden's case for Battle of Flower's day when most eyes were elsewhere.

      A thought just struck me. Is there a possibility that Niall Linden changed his name (by depole etc) during those months of non disclosure in order to mask any connections he may have so as to look like any other lotus driving Joe ?
      Could we find out? Would the depole have been done here or in Ireland ?

      Bit of a long shot but do feel free to help out with this unon.

      Do stick around as I shall be pasting in further opinion.

      Before we move on, is there anything else in my comment that you would like to correct ?

      Oh, and back to the seat belt. It would have been good if Niall had ensured his passenger was safely belted in. She might be still alive and it would not contribute to all the other indications that she was expendable.

  3. Nobody gives a crap what you hope Jon....Shouldn't you be making your way to the off licence? It's nearly nine you know :)

  4. Interesting name you gave anon (unpublished).

  5. What happened to my comment Ian?

    1. It disappeared, for a while.

      I knew about this 2 yrs ago yet never posted for fear of....Well, Stuart knows why I never posted as we had a bit of a discussion over it.

      I am sure things will emerge over time.

  6. Ian.

    The Jersey Establishment closes ranks AGAIN

  7. From

    [lawyer's comment originally from]
    "London-based lawyer" said @10 August 2012 19:16 :-

    Mr. Syvret, I'm not familiar with all of the facts in the case of the fatal motor traffic accident that's been referred to above. I did, though, quickly check some of Jersey's msm, the current ChannelOnline report in particular. Through the material published by you and other Jersey bloggers I’m developing greater and greater curiosity about Jersey’s law enforcement and judicial arrangements and culture. I’m a London-based lawyer, so have a reasonable idea of how these things should work.

    Although, on its face at least, not directly related to the other deeply concerning issues Jersey civil society is investigating, this fatal car crash seems to potentially encapsulate some of the key factors we see at play in the child abuse, conspiracy to pervert justice, misconduct in a public office, corporate manslaughter and medical murder cases that are so troubling in Jersey society.

    This can, by no means, be a definitive opinion, but it does seem to me that all elements are present to secure a conviction for causing death through dangerous driving. Which makes the decision of the Jersey prosecuting authority to accept a plea on the lesser charge appear truly .

    Consider: the accused was driving the car; there were no other vehicles involved, nor other extraneous intervening factors, such as a pedestrian suddenly in the vehicle’s path. From the footage just seen on the TV report, the vehicle was indeed extremely badly damaged, with sections of body-work ripped from the vehicle and strewn down the road. I understand your speed limit is 40mph? The vehicle was plainly going far faster than that. But, and this is the key issue, one needs not argue upon the evidence for fault on the part of the driver, because he has admitted it. He has pleaded guilty to careless driving. You thus have all of the necessary elements for securing the higher charge of causing death through dangerous driving, and to secure the conviction.

    If a person driving a car in a dangerous manner crashes that car and causes the death of a person, the driver and his defence team do not have the luxury of pleading guilty to a lesser charge of mere careless driving, if a death is involved, and has been caused by the driving in question – as is undisputed in this case.

    Simply extraordinary.

    I begin to understand why you so often use the phrase “couldn’t make it up”.

    Simply extraordinary.

    I begin to understand why you so often use the phrase “couldn’t make it up”.

    Someone in London needs to take the Jersey prosecutors and judges gently by the hand, and introduce them to the realities of the modern world (and the rule of law, for that matter.)
    "London-based lawyer" was assuming 40mph speed limit and is not to know that crash occurred in a 30mph residential zone at which the kinetic energy available for within the speed limit is very nearly half of that at 40mph - but would a mere 40 mph loosen her nicker elastic sufficiently for whatever "micro-dick" was behind the wheel ?

    Waste of a beautiful young life.

    1. Sorry, slight double paste there :

      "Simply extraordinary.

      I begin to understand why you so often use the phrase couldn’t make it up”

      But I guess it was worth saying again, Simply extraordinary !


    1. Long time no hear!

      Panorama? Sadly, they are now almost as bent as the system itself, and are controlled by the global elite, as is all Main Stream Media....

  9. this may not be a help but i have worked all over europe repairing crashed cars professionally ,it is my opinion that this car was driving at excess of 70 mph ..

  10. been working and got feed up reading about our corrupt islan ,need a break sometimes ian . i wrote about the crash cars above too . regards eomf

  11. "Due to a lack of evidence"

    kiss my hot exhaust !

  12. The last 2 points I have known for a very long time, a good friend who works at the General in the A&E department told me this the weekend after the crash. The others I assumed were just rumors, but I'm saddened to say it doesn't come as a shock. Typical sort of behaviour for Jersey, the elite survive at the expense of the less unfortunate.

  13. I must apologize to readers as I took some of this posting down the day of publishing, this was for reasons I will make clear below.

    I was told in a anonymous comment, the week of this tragedy, that sex was a factor in relation to the crash. Of course, I had no evidence of that other than the anonymous comment so did not publish.

    A short time later, I was told to my face that this was the case and that a forensic examination had taken place in this regard. This factor was confirmed by a phone call I received from another person that I knew.

    I contacted Stuart Syvret to get his opinion as I did not want to be the one to let Dita's family and friends know of this factor, Stuart advised me to follow my heart on this one, and so I did not publish, which Stuart agreed with.

    I had the same crisis of conscience the other day after I published this info, and as soon as the first Latvian reader popped up on the stats counter, I removed this part of the posting and the comment directly above.

    After much thought over the last two days, I have decided to replace the part of the posting I removed as the truth must come out regardless of the consequences and distress it may cause. Without truth, our existence is meaningless in this world.

    Below are a few comments I received, presumably from that inept tosser Haworth, written exactly in his filthy style.

    "You despicable creature. You must surely realise that Ditas parents could possibly read your comments and be distressed that you describe their daughter in such a fashion. How could you put them through such pain. You fat fuck. I hope your next heart attack is fatal and the pain as severe as Ditas parents pain you so obviously wish to inflict on them."

    "You despicable creature. Describing a dead young lady in such a fashion as to cause her parents indescribable pain and anguish . May your next heart attack be fatal you fat fuck, don't you care about people's family's you fat insensitive fuck."

    "Karma Ian Karma. You reap what you sow. You sow unhappiness and that's why you are always unhappy. Why don't you enjoy what's left of your life. Because it won't be long now me son."

    As we can see from the comments, he uses the same traits as always, even copying what I said to him only recently (Karma Jon Karma) and for some deluded twisted reason he thinks he is my father, which reference he has made before. I may not have that long left Jon, but I won't spend that time acting on behalf of gross paedophiles and child abusers....

    1. We need answers and I think you are right to publish this information.

      Most grown ups consider safe sex between consenting adults to be (of itself) a healthy, wholesome and deeply satisfying activity.

      A different view may be taken by religious fundamentalists, misogynists, paedophiles and frustrated or incapable 40 year old virgins.

      I rather doubt that it is an overriding issue to Dita's parents that their daughter was a 'normal' daughter, though they may lament her choice of man etc (IF indeed she made these choices)

      I do understand your reluctance to publish the partially substantiated rumours but I (& I imagine Dita's parents) think that the fact that Dita did not make it home alive that night is rather more important than the voyeuristic tittle tattle that so concerns the Jersey Troll.

      If the driver was otherwise occupied while driving at that speed (calculatable within limits from the wreckage) that would only make the failure to prosecute even less tenable.

      Does anyone know; were Dita and Mr. Linden in a relationship or other plausible arrangement?
      If Dita's safety belt was indeed undone as s been reported, that could equally mean that she wanted to get out the car - could it not?

  14. Ian, I do believe that Dita's inquest was opened but adjourned, as is usual in complex cases.

    At some point in the future, the inquest will have to be concluded. Full details of the process are in the Viscount's section of the states website at

    All "interested parties" are entitled to attend and ask questions of witnesses. This includes Dita's family and Linden. One would expect them all to be legally represented.

    A number of very serious allegations have appeared on your blog. Anyone with credible evidence should do the decent thing and approach the Viscount's department, saying that they wish to submit their evidence to the inquest. Only then may we get the truth.

    1. Totally agree.

      All those with information should come forward.

      In the meantime they may wish to forward information to Ian or his associates via the comments section or mail, ideally with an email address.
      If preferred this can be titled "EMBARGOED" or similar, if the sender wishes the information to remain unpublished until the time of the inquest.

      I say this because the Viscount's Department is probably not that separated from the entity which tried to bury this -presumably the Law Offices, and the more information that is already "out there" the less likely people are going to be pressurised to keep quiet about what they know.

      These blogs have already changed the landscape of Jersey.

  15. Anon who sent me a "Not For Publication" message, could you please send me another "NFP" with a mobile or preferably a land line number? I do not want to give out my email addy without knowing who I am talking to....Thanks

  16. Anon whose comment I just removed, NFP doesn't cut the mustard sometimes as it can be missed by myself, just type "Not For Publication".

    And all the codes you seem to speak in, I haven't got a bloody clue what your on about? Can you please just type in english so I understand what you are trying to say :)

    I really am getting fed up with this blogging thing....Thanks.

  17. Where did Niall Inden work in Jersey?
    I remember at the time of this story Googling him and came up with only a photo of him at college in Ireland.It was reported in the JEP that he had his own IT business.Now don't you think it strange that someone into IT hasn't got a single mention on Google.No Facebook,Linkd his name comes up no where.
    Also why was the wreck covered with a taurpauline?
    The recent death on Victoria Avenue didn't receive the same treatment