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Friday, 8 March 2013

"Deputy Trevor Pitman - Trouble Maker? - Or Honourable Politician?"

Governor hauled into justice row

Don't you just love the sensationalist headline from Cover Up TV,
"Governor Hauled Into Justice Row" it's his job for Christ's sake!!!

Let us hope the Lieutenant Governor is an honourable man, unlike both of his predecessors who have covered up corruption in Jersey for years, the last one even mocking some of the abuse survivors & their supporters in the Royal Square as he left his office for good....

Please stay tuned this evening for my most damning  posting of the day, it highlights the gross negligence and failures of the Jersey police and justice system that allowed a Jersey paedophile to go on to wreck another innocent life!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The Queen's representative in Jersey is being challenged to investigate alleged failings in the island's judicial system.

Deputy Trevor Pitman is calling on the Lieutenant Governor to step in and look at claims of corruption.

Deputy Pitman is compiling a dossier of evidence which he plans to deliver to Government House by the end of the month.

But Jersey's top lawyer says there's no evidence of any miscarriages of justice.

Deputy Pitman claims that a lot of wrong doing went on.

Among his claims are a man who threatened to kill and had petrol bombs in his house yet the charges were dropped, a woman jailed for drink driving despite evidence to show she couldn't have been drunk, and a man convicted of a crime but was denied access to files that could clear his name.

Deputy Pitman says, "A vast, diverse range of claims, allegations of what you can only say is corruption, abuse of the justice system. A diverse range of people. Can they all be making it up? No they can't. So we really need to find what the Lieutenant Governor thinks. He's the Queen's representative. What will he do?"

There's no comment from Sir John McColl's office today, though the whole affair puts the Governor in a potentially awkward situation.

The dealings between Government House, the Queen and her Privy Council are generally private affairs.

Asking for action means at the very least some kind of public response is needed.

There'll be those wondering whether Deputy Pitman's campaign is little more than a personal crusade after he and his wife lost a court case they brought over a satirical cartoon.

He says that's a fair question: "Absolutely and we're not to say 'poor us', but we're politicians, we've got a comparative platform to speak. Many people have no voice at all. But when you go through a process you expect them to be fair. Everybody's entitled to it under Article 6 Human Rights."

Jersey's top lawyer denies there has been any wrongdoing. He says though his department can't check through every legal file, he's not aware of any acknowledged miscarriages of justice, though questions have been raised about the role of Law Officers.

The advice they gave to help catch drugs baron Curtis Warren came under scrutiny at the highest court in the land.

Whether Deputy Pitman's dossier is compelling enough to force action from the Lieutenant Governor should be known in a matter of weeks.

"Pitman Causing More Trouble!" :)


  1. Bloody good for him, the Pitmans and Tadier have done great over child abuse not letting the COM get away with it, helped by other States members obviously.

    Pitman for Chief MInister, helped by Tadier, Higgins, Le Herrisier, and a few deputies and Senators who have not lost their moral compass.

    Constables out.

  2. Good on ya deputy pitman the word of this corruption needs to be spread.

  3. Time for the Uk to step in and restore the rule of law in this septic isle.

  4. Nice one Trevor, one has to do what is necessary to raise attention to what is extremely serious. Common Law is side lined and statute law is miss used. We need to ditch Corporate Governance and install People with an administrative government.

  5. There is an old saying: Just because everyone is saying one thing doesn't make it right and just because only a few are saying something else doesn't make it wrong. It's about time the minority voice became the majority voice. I applaud Deputy Pitman for having the courage and strength to take on this rotten establishment and hopefully drag it kicking and screaming from the dark abyss it has been in, and back into the respectable, dignified position where it once was.

  6. More innocent children will go unabused, and unraped if politicians like Trevor Pitman are allowed to bring about more outside oversight for Jersey's lawless system. That's what matters to me.