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Saturday, 16 March 2013

"Delving Into The Mind Of A Maniac Magistrate"

"How The New Magistrate Keeps Her Boot Firmly On The Necks Of The People"

Time to take a close look at Bridget Shaw and our laughing stock of a justice system, and what better place to start than a picture that the Jersey people are longing for.

"I Have A Dream"

"Pirate Capt'n Shaw In Her Own Words"

A short summary and link will follow each point.

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1. Amazing, King Birt commends Shaw (clearly out of her depth) for running riot for four years with no one to pull on the reins when she galloped off, totally unsupervised for all that time, and unassisted because the Magistrate Designate was under investigation for conning people out of their life savings!!! "You just couldn't make this shit up" as one Ex Senator Stuart Syvret might say.

2. Birt goes on "Mrs Shaw had introduced measures to try and improve the efficiency with which the courts, over which she presided, dealt with matters". Yup, she sure did, she refused to allow Ex Senator Stuart Syvret to call any witnesses whatsoever, and also denied him access to evidence that would help his case! How is that for efficiency?

3. Birt then goes on to praise Uber crook, Advocate Richard Falle, who allegedly stepped into the breech. "I would like to thank him publicly for helping his island in its time of need". Would that be the instance when Richard Falle helped islanders by alleviating them of £10,000,000 of tax payers money on his little £10 scam?

4. Shaw then says "She strongly believed that the court gave a fair hearing to everyone who appeared before it". Well Capt'n Shaw, tell that to Stuart Syvret above, or Cyril Vibert who you also railroaded with absolutely no evidence whatsoever against him, and after letting two of your good policemen commit perjury in his case!

5. Then this, "I will never be complacent and stop thinking we cannot improve our practices, and we are constantly looking to do so". Aye Aye Capt'n, we found that out when we discovered that the Magistrates Court were doctoring trial tapes. No doubt to save time and money on those pesky frivolous appeals you didn't want going ahead after your deplorably corrupt conduct in court?

6. And finally, "She was deeply honoured to be appointed to serve the people of Jersey". Well that's novel considering that you refuse point blank to operate under your Oath of Office in which your sworn to serve and protect the people and do right by them. Are we missing something here Capt'n Shaw?

7. Bridget says, "In fact, it will more or less be a case of business as usual". That statement is probably the one true statement in all she says in this article. Indeed, the courts 'are' a private business run for profit and dipping into our private trust accounts to top up their spends.

8. When talking about the Magistrate Designates arrest she says, "I have for the last four years maintained public confidence in the bench". Ha ha ha, "The Bench?" In our long experience, more like practicing law from it....Ma,am!

9. She highlighted another effective part of the system as being "the way in which Centeniers (honorary policemen) deal at parish halls with young offenders". Yes, there is much experience of this and not just with young alleged offenders. Their tactic is to threaten victims of the system with much greater fines if they plead not guilty and elect to go to trial, and making determinations that they will be found guilty in court.

10. Then this little gem, "In the past, some people could have waited all day just to ask for an adjournment to see a lawyer, but now an advocate attends court before it starts so that families can see them immediately". Just for the record, one of those advocates was recently charged with possession of cannabis and cocaine!!! You really couldn't make this shit up. LOL

11. And now, "The approach is to try to isolate what the main issues are, 'instead' of everyone calling all the witnesses, many of whom have nothing further to add to the case". Well this statement certainly sums up the Jersey courts as proven in the letter to Sir Michael Birt at the link below. Rather than attend a Royal Court appeal as subpoenaed to answer for his perjury, PC O'Neill decided it would be much more fun to go on a firearms training course that day!!!

12. Another classic is the following, "She aims to produce comprehensive sentencing guidelines which she says will benefit defence advocates advising their clients on the sentences they can expect. The guidelines, she added, would also be of assistance to people defending themselves in court, and would be a deterrent by highlighting the serious penalties for repeat offenders". As we see from the link below, Cyril was thrown in jail by pirate Shaw and with a manifestly excessive sentence for the parking fines, in fact, three times what anyone else would have got. Cyril whilst in prison the day before his appeal, received from a prison warden, the paperwork to do with sentencing guidelines which should have been available to him in court as a litigant in person. Because of this excessive sentence, the Bailiff of Jersey allowed Cyril's appeal the next morning, and stated that the guidelines should have been available to him at trial, and sentencing. No wonder Capt'n Shaw wants these guidelines passed asap, she probably got a right bollocking from King Birt over this matter as she made him look stupid :)

"I am not a very organised person, I just do what needs to be done"

Yes you do Capt'n, and at our bloody expense....


  1. Serving the corporation. Not the people of Jersey.

    Ian is it possible you could find figures for how many times defendants lawyers win cases on behalf of the client? Anyone can lose representing themselves so would be great to see % win or lose.

  2. The law society allows around 3% or 4% a year of cases to be won, this is simply for the purpose of plausible deniability on their part, show the plebs they can win in our strict liability administrative hearings.

    Pathetic isn't it....

  3. 96%-97% of the time a lawyer represents his client. he loses the clients case.

    Thats some racket they got going.

  4. That explains an advocate once saying to me that they had won a particular court case and didn't know why!

    The Beano is not the Rag

  5. What im about to say I don't take likely, as I have evidence to prove my statements.

    Magistrate Shaw, upon evidence ive seen , and in my opinion is either one of 2 things, or a connection of both.

    1. A psychopath
    2. A Criminal

    Why would a magistrate , who's job it is to uphold the law, be allowed to continuously rule from the bench in the cases that she hears, I don't know how many times ive seen her not acting within a judicial role and ignoring the strict provisions of law, its actually becoming so frequent and utterly blatant that its quite easy to presume that the power has gone to her head ...and she has acted like a psychopath in particular miscarriages of justice.

    Magistrate Shaw , in my opinion, is not competent to sit or rule in any court. She continuously has to keep liaising with the Law offices to get guidance as she simply has no clue when trying to summarise a case.

    As she used to work for the law officers department, in my opinion she has just carried on with what was her former responsibility was and now into her new role , and that is to try and convict the defendant at all cost upon what her friends in that law offices department are doing whilst bringing cases to court, its now got to the point where she simply does what the law officers tell her to do.

    There is no other explanation for this , it can be the only plausible reason on why she makes the decisions she does.

    I know for a fact that the majority of other lawyers, and I know of 2 centeniers who think she is an absolute nutter, they cringe every time they go into the court when they know she is sitting. I can only presume that the reason for this is because she is just so blatant in her corruption that even the lawyers find it hard to look at their clients in the eye with the obvious corruption that is going on, together with the centeniers who you can see being embarrassed by her overall incompetence.

    Seriously, how can the judiciary/Bailiff make her magistrate when they must be aware that she is , in her overall capacity, not qualified to do the job, it can only be deduced simply because they are supporting the corruption .....and hey why not let her carry on !!!

    I have one message for Magistrate Shaw, bad deeds always catch up with you , and its only a matter of time before you are officially deemed and viewed from the public of indeed acting in a treasonable and corrupt manner.

    The Judiciary are responsible for her actions and there will be a time in the near future whem we will see them as the defendants in supporting her corrupt processes with the law officers department.

    Enjoy your position whilst you can Magistrate, if you seriously believe that you are going to carry on with your psychopathic tendencies and never be accounted for you need to have a wake up call, how dare you presume that honest jersey people are going to put up with you , its one thing selling your sole , but then trying to convince yourself that you are acting as a honourable member of the courts is something else.

    i think i can speak for the majority of people who you have effected by your lies and malpractices, that we will be working towards you being called to answer the future evidenced corruption of your actions whilst in office.

    Listen up man and woman of jersey, your courts have been hijacked by criminals , get up and bloody do something about it !

    1. Unfortunately it appears that the Law Offices are the centre of corrupt power on the island.

      It would also appear that Brigit has been groomed by the Law Offices for this position over several years.

      Brigit is another link for them as an easily controlled and dependant stooge.

      Controlling the scales of justice is a dirty but highly lucrative business and this business of justice on the island has been 'horizontally integrated'.

  6. well, im my honest and objective view, she is on borrowed time.

    Just wait for the big press releases within the next month or so, its highly possible that the Judiciary have made a massive mistake in even putting her in the position of Assistant Magistrate , never-mind the Magistrate role that she has currently sitting in.

    I'm in no doubt that Magistrate Shaw is just a mouthpiece for the law offices department, she doesn't even listen to the cases, she just pretends to listen and be objective, then tell you that black is white.

    shes completely off her rocker!