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Sunday, 10 March 2013

"Criminal Complaints In Jersey - A Minefield of Nonsense"

"To Conflicted To Care"

Chief Officer Mike Bowron

Further to my posting of February 19th 2013 which is at the link directly below I can now confirm the, err, progress of my complaint against Chief Officer of the Jersey Police, Mike Bowron.

On the 27th of February 2013 at 6.00pm I received a call from the Jersey Police who were due to take a statement from me the next day over my complaint against Chief Officer Bowron. This officer rang to confirm  that I would be attending the police station the next day to make my statement, I said that I would.

He also, quite unexpectedly, informed me that he was in the middle of preparing my statement for me and needed to clarify a few points with me!

Perhaps this sentence suggests to us the direction that this complaint is going in, the 'POLICE' are preparing 'MY' statement? I must confess, this is a first for me and I have seen some shenanigans in my time let me tell you. It took a moment to sink in but I assured the officer I would be there the next day.

I attended the station the next afternoon and was given a copy of the statement that the police had prepared for me. Having read it I then informed the officer that I would be making my own statement thank you very much, and ended up making a short statement in my own words which is below. After doing this I asked the officer if I could have a copy of the statement they had prepared for me? I was told that this was not possible as it was not 'MY' statement. Hmmm? That's what I thought!

I also received a letter from the Home Affairs Minister, Mr Ian Le Marquand, who is so conflicted in my cases that he should not even be writing to me, let alone overseeing yet another of my complaints.

Mr Le Marquand's letter contained some rather bizarre statements that are just plain ludicrous and are a million miles away from the reality of events in this case. The letter is below.

I responded to Mr Le Marquand in the only way I know how, straight!!!
My letter is below.

DCO Barry Taylor

Some of you may recall that DCO Barry Taylor was the officer I accused of perverting the course of justice, and dereliction of duty in a previous case when I was beaten by four police officers who then went on to perjure themselves in court at my trial, presided over by none other than judge Ian Le Marquand!

Mr Le Marquand then left his position as judge to become Home Affairs Minister, subsequently adjudicating on the exact same case in his new capacity by whitewashing my complaints against the same four officers and ACO David Warcup.

Mr Le Marquand was also the Judicial Greffe of the Royal Court at the time my Royal Court trial tapes were doctored before being sent to the mainland for transcription before my Royal Court appeal! Clearly, Mr Le Marquand fails to see or acknowledge any conflict of interest whatsoever, and is happy to just trundle along in the manner that he has become accustomed to.

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

This nonsense clearly beggars belief and should be taken out of the hands of the Jersey authorities by the Lieutenant Governor, General Sir John McColl. I copied my initial complaint to Sir John, and have received acknowledgement of my letter to him.

I will from now on, be making my complaints directly to the Lieutenant Governor bypassing the wholly conflicted Jersey authorities who flatly refuse to find against any of their own agents, I will keep you all updated as we go along.



  1. need a new tee shirt??

    1. If that is who I think it is, Yes, Yes I do :)

  2. You should write a book Mr Evans.

  3. Or get Cyril to write a book for you because the scripture in your statement to the police authority looks like the scribblings of a five year old. The police must be laughing their cobblers off in the canteen

    1. Jon, I must confess that I have to agree with you on this one solitary occasion, you are quite correct, the writing is of a quite deplorable standard.


      You Stupid Imbecile :)

    2. Priceless..

  4. Haw Haw Haw!!!!!!!!!

    1. Haw Haw Haw indeed, this retarded halfwit just gets worse by the hour :)

  5. If Jon were'nt 'real' you'd have to invent him, what a muppet. For one with so many police contacts it is surprising that he does'nt know that the police havent had a canteen for some time now.

  6. Ian after reading your statement prepared by the officer for you, can you paraphrase or inform us if it in anyway represented your very own true statement?

    1. I only got a quick look at it but do remember that I obviously didn't like it. From the small recollection I have, it was not dreadfully out of sorts, but we do our own dirty work these days.