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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

"Complaints Against The Police - Are They Being Registered?"

Complaints against police up on 2011

The number of complaints made in 2012 about Jersey Police using threatening behaviour, harassing people and abusing their power, is up on 2011.

But it's still the alleged use of excessive force that tops the list of grievances.

The latest figures show that last year there were a total of 29 complaints.

"What Are The Real Figures?"

I cannot believe that there were only 29 complaints last year against the police. As has been made clear on the VFC Blog, Chief Officer Mike Bowron appears to be manipulating crime figures, please see link below.

And of those alleged 29 complaints, how many were successful?

Three? Four? and for the minor offences no doubt.

We have posted on this blog about policemen committing perjury, grave and criminal assault, making false statements, perverting the course of justice, intimidating witnesses, even the courts are doctoring trial tapes to cover up the corruption within this disgraceful excuse for a police force.

The end product is that the investigating officers (if there ever were any) cannot find any evidence with which to prosecute!!! And that is after we have handed the evidence to them on a plate....Another alleged investigation of grave and criminal assault by police officers resulted in no action being taken, hardly surprising when those investigating refused to interview the main prosecution witness!

The Jersey police force is a crooked ship, and is getting worse by the week.

What is the betting that Deputy Trevor Pitman's eagerly awaited dossier doesn't make it to it's destination?


  1. I seem to recall reviewing the Annual Reports produced by the Police Complaints Authority and finding that nearly every year the handful of cases found to justify disciplinary action involved minor cases.

    In the interests of transparency, a proposition ought to be brought to the States to require the Police Complaints Authority to provide (given that the number of complaints is so small), a summary of each case and the material findings. I have no doubt that the figures will show themselves to have been massaged.

    1. Hate to spring this on you anon, but the Jersey Police Complaints Authority don't even look into the cases, they just review whatever shyte the police put in front of them and rubber stamp it, a thoroughly useless outfit.

    2. The state of affairs your refer to above comes as no surprise. Sadly, while the Police reserve the right to investigate themselves in cases of professional misconduct the States of Jersey Police Force will continue to abuse those they are appointed to serve and who rely upon them to maintain law and order.