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Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Child Abusing Policemen - Our Final Update"

"Remember This Case?"

The links below document the whole case in this sad and sorry saga. A tale of nastiness and spite, police brutality, extortion, malicious prosecution, police corruption, and state sponsored cover up. The final chapter  is written below and details how the Jersey authorities deal with dissenters and critics, it's called good old fashioned "INTIMIDATION".







So where are we now?

In part six I wrote a short summary which basically said that Maria was not going to let this drop despite the fact that the Attorney General, the police themselves, and the Independent Police Complaints Authority had all covered this matter up. The summary is below

"Case Summary"

After the initial instigation of these complaints, neither complainant was afforded the opportunity to have any further input into these inquiries.

Neither complainant was invited to give any evidence at any of the subsequent hearings (if there actually were any hearings) to determine the innocence or guilt of the officers concerned.

And....I can confirm that neither complainant shall be letting these matters drop :)

Since the above summary Maria has had a change of heart, not that she is afraid for herself, but for her close family. At the address they lived at when the complaint was originally made, they have had problems with their family automobiles being vandalized, and other intimidation problems.

They moved a few months ago to another address where they have had more problems of the same nature as those above.

In the last month Maria's fella has been pulled by the police whilst driving, as have Maria's two sons on more than one occasion in this short space of time. One of the sons was pulled for a defective light, yet when he exited the vehicle to check the light, it was functioning fine! The police then said to him that he must have done something inside the car to make the light come on again....WTF?

I might add that Maria's son is a car mechanic who keeps his motor in tip top condition.

Maria's fella was at a parish hall inquiry last week for allegedly speeding, a supposed 38 mph in a 30mph area. He asked the officer for some proof of this yet the officer did not provide any proof! Why not?

At the parish hall, again he was not provided with any proof of this alleged speeding infraction, whoever was dealing with the matter said that if he did not pay the £70 fine there and then, he would have to go to court. He was told that if he elected to go to court he would be fined a lot more, and his license would be endorsed. He was also told that the proof of his speeding would be provided to the court! If they had any proof, why was it not shown to him at the scene? Or even at the parish hall, which effectively is a court of administration?

Whoever it was that was judging him at the parish hall, had clearly made a legal determination that he WOULD be found guilty at any future court hearing. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how
"The Jersey Way" works, not a hope in hell of any justice, and the outcome of any pursuant court hearing predetermined at the parish hall level!!!

The only way that this can come about is if the Centennier has a quiet word with the judge.

With the evident corruption in dealing with Maria's complaints, and the inherent intimidation that followed for the family, is it any bloody wonder that no complaints against the Jersey authorities ever reach fruition?

Our thanks to Maria for the courage and integrity she has shown during this disgusting episode, her family, as well as the original victims of the police assault are the only ones who have paid for the brutality and corruption of the Jersey Police.

Despite Maria having been forced to depart from this issue, I guarantee that it is not over yet, not by a long shot!!! Keep worrying P.C 240 Sykes, beater of children.

Looks like another case for the dossier of Deputy Trevor Pitman....


  1. ian did this happen in st clements?

  2. Someone please put Boschat in prison with his best mate and peadophile, Mick Huby.

  3. The husband of a friend of mine once wrote a letter to the JEP crticising the police. A few weeks later she was pulled over when driving the husbands car, apparently "for a routine check madam".

    This was mid afternoon on a weekday, no claim of faulty lights or speeding, just a "routine check madam".

  4. As you rightly exclaim Ian the only ones to suffer are the victims of the abuse, this island is critically ill.

  5. I've dealt with Sykes on an occasion involving my car getting nicked and i thought he was a top bloke for a copper, but you just never know i suppose.

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