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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

"Caring Jersey Condemn The Poor & Vulnerable Again - But Lundy And Wherry Could Help!"

Jersey's men's refuge could close

"A Notion?"

Perhaps Jersey Government could see their way to firing child abusers
Mario Lundy & Danny Wherry?

Getting rid of these two twisted sicko's would release around £300,000 of tax payers money per anum, therefore guaranteeing the survival of all three shelters, and leaving vast amounts of dosh for other worthwhile projects that would aid and assist the less well off in our community.

Jersey's leading hostel supporting men suffering from addiction and homelessness is facing closure unless it can secure financial support from the States.

The Men's refuges offer help and support to struggling islanders, but the charity which runs them is facing a battle of its own.

Colin Taylor, from Sanctuary House, the charity which runs the refuges says it is a constant struggle to fund the facilities, which cater for men who have fallen on hard times.

The charity had managed three venues - in St Aubin, St Helier and St Peter - up until this month.

But ITV News has learned the St Helier site, on New Street, is no longer being run or used by Sanctuary House.

Now there is concern over the future of the hostel in St Peter.

Mr Taylor says they need a States grant in the region of £50,000 per year to keep both of their hostels operational.

If that does not happen he thinks the site in St Peter will have to close, leaving just the one in St Aubin, which opened two years ago, remaining.

The two current refuges house 25 islanders at any one time.

When they had three, it cost £220,000 a year to run them.

The charity currently relies on charitable donations and fundraising events to fund the facilities.


  1. Mario Lundy retires next year with his gold plated civil servant pension and just when the child abuse inquiry will be up and running.

  2. Ian.

    Look forward to your good and factual facts and figures but this time you cannot be taken seriously on ML & DWs salaries.

    Definately no more than half what you say. ML 100K mAX DW 50K MAX

  3. Really?

    That's not what the State Media printed last month!!!

  4. What is the reason that Colin Taylor has lost control of the premises on New St?, I thought he was doing a good job under very difficult circumstances?
    I understand New St. is now under the control of Deputy Power, can they not work together, or is there a straightforward simple reason?