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Monday, 11 March 2013

"Another Filthy Paedophile In God Forsaken Jersey"

"Could This Be The Same Pervert?"

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Immediately I recognised the name from last year, and also the place....Redcar.

Considering his previous in this field, Jersey doesn't appear to have dealt with him sufficiently. Just a mere 29 previous convictions!!!

Good job people in Jersey have the use of

August 2009

Child porn ‘addict’ is spared jail

A CHILD pornography “addict” confessed his compulsion to his ex-wife after he was caught with child abuse images on his computer.

Karn Laffoley admitted to his former partner that he had been viewing child pornography for about 10 years.

He said he hadn’t gone for more than a few weeks in that time without looking at the material, a court heard.

He owned up to accessing and downloading the images over the internet after previously denying his activities to her.

She acted on Laffoley’s admissions and made a statement to the police, prosecutor David Brooke told Teesside Crown Court.

She had confronted the 34-year-old when he was arrested, his home was searched and his computer equipment seized in January last year.

Police found 2,336 still and moving images of children. A significant number of the pictures were in the most serious categories in law.

Laffoley, of Coatham Road, Redcar, pleaded guilty to 16 charges of making indecent photographs of children and one of possessing such photographs.

Duncan McReddie, defending, said Laffoley was candid, knew he had a problem, was anxious to deal with his compulsion and felt “deep revulsion” for his own actions.

He argued Laffoley was more likely to get the help he needed in the community, rather than during a short sentence in prison where such intervention was in shorter supply.

Judge George Moorhouse told the defendant: “It’s clear to me that if I send you to prison for a relatively short period you’re not going to get any treatment whatsoever. Rest assured that if you commit any offences of a like kind you’ll go to prison for a long time.”

He passed a sentence of eight months’ imprisonment suspended for two years, with three years’ supervision and an internet sexual offending programme.

He banned Laffoley from working with children for life and passed an indefinite sexual offences prevention order. The order bans Laffoley from associating with under-18s, accessing the internet except for work, and having video or camera equipment. Laffoley will be on the sex offenders’register for 10 years.


  1. So let me get this straight, we let this convicted peado in to the island to reoffend yet we ban a journalist coming here to research child abuse?

    The Jersey Way, you can't make this hit up.

    1. He is from "the island" so you can keep him!

    2. Didn't know that, thanks anon.

  2. This is most definately the same karn laffoley as the one in Redcar. Im glad jersey did the right thing and locked him up as England made a right balls up of it. its his family i feel sorry for as they will have to suffer the aftermath of his filthy actions. i wish they would throw away the key on this monster

  3. I was repsonsible for having him put away last year. If i had my way he wouldnt of made his court apperance. Come near my kids again Karn Laffoley and i will bury you

  4. I like the fact that he apologised to his family, probably because he knows that they won't have anymore to do with him.
    He's a disease that needs eradicating, ASAP!
    If you go on to his WAYN account you'll find his mobile no.
    Hopefully he's made a best friend in jail, that likes sex just as much as he does, but with men and not children!

  5. I unfortunately know this sicko and he should never have been allowed back into Jersey but lets thank his Dad for that one.
    I hope he is getting his in prison as far as Im concerned he should be locked up for life and left to rot
    He ever comes near my child I will kill him and as for those that stood by him they can rot too

  6. Unfortunately it's his own children that will have to suffer the shame of what he did. I have experienced first hand the utter devastation of what he did and so has my child. What he did will forever cast a shadow over everything we do. I hope he rots although even that is too good for him

  7. I've notice through social networking, that in 2014 he was hooked up with a Polish girl. She's been in Jersey over 10 years, and is the sweetest girl you could meet. I wonder if they are still together, or whether she has any idea who this man is?

    1. In a form, yes. The nonce isn't stupid, he will have told her a spin doctored version of the truth. Why don't you tell her? I'm wondering how he gets work too?

    2. I haven't spoken to her for a while, so she have even changed as a person. She used to be lovely though, and deserves to find some happiness, as she's had some bad luck in her time. She used to date a Portuguese guy who was killed in a car accident at Grouville Hill in 2007, so I'd hate to think of Karn Laffoley installing more sadness upon her

    3. Yes she is still with him.........

  8. I feel sorry for her if they were to have a child, as he'll be arrested as soon as the child is born and yet more pain and suffering stems from the lying, manipulative cesspit that is Karn Damian Laffoley.
    It's actually a shame that the film, 'The Purge' isn't real, as I'd go on a self funded nonce eradication programme.

  9. I also used to know his current girlfriend. I was somewhat surprised, I must admit. The Aggie I remember would have never entered into a relationship with a guy like this. She either has no idea about his past, or she herself has changed dramtically

  10. Him lying to someone about his past, never! He will have spin doctored his own version of events to please himself. The worst part of it all is that his brother and father still see him, despite knowing.

  11. Anyone have an idea as to how long he got this time?

  12. Are we still allowed to comment on this blog, after the events that have recently come to light with regards to this absolute scumbag?