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Monday, 4 March 2013

"Anne Pryke & Danny Wherry Attempt To Slip Into HDLG On The Quiet!!!"

Fresh accusations at HDLG

Fresh accusations about child abuse will be aired in Jersey this week.

It is claimed two people, including a person facing allegations linked to abuse, attempted to cross a police cordon at Haut de la Garenne to try and remove evidence.

On the eve of a States debate into the terms of a Committee of Inquiry into historic child abuse in the island, Deputy Trevor Pitman is asking the Home Affairs minister Senator Ian Le Marquand whether there is any truth in this new accusation.

In the States chamber he will ask "whether in the early stages of the historic child abuse investigation [two people including one] facing a number of allegations relating to abuse, went to Haut de la Garenne and attempted to gain access past the police cordon stating that they needed to collect/remove personal material?"

The answer to that question is expected on Tuesday morning.

Deputy Montford Tadier says the Committee of Inquiry should be free to examine prosecution decisions relating to Historic Child Abuse in the Island "in a way that it sees fit, and should not be told how to do their job by States Members".

The St Brelade deputy, who has been working closely with other interested parties, including the Jersey Care Leavers Association, says, 

"We are all concerned that the current wording is too prescriptive. It is simply unnecessary that we, as an Assembly, should be setting out the exact and only mechanism by which we will allow the Committee of Inquiry to examine prosecution files.

"In none of the other terms of reference do we tell the Committee of Inquiry, who will be professionals with experience in conducting such inquiries, how exactly they should conduct this work."

"Questions With Answers - How Novel :)"

So....Why did Jersey's Health Minister, Anne Pryke, and government employed child abuser, Danny Wherry, try to sneak through the police cordon into Haut De La Garenne?

What was Anne Prykes husband's (policeman) roll in all of this?

Will Ian Le Marquand try to deceive the house again at question time?

Will Emperor Bailhache try to scupper the Committee of Inquiry on Wednesday with a long speech?

All these questions, and more, to be answered soon!


  1. If that important evidence wasnot allowed to be removed, does anyone know where it is now, if at all?

  2. Made Fifi, Your All Knowing Siren and Never Wrong Fortune Teller of Great Future Truths, has long gazed through the Mists of the Chrystal Orb of Nefarious Intentions and can announce that almost no important Elite-incriminating evidence will ever be allowed to see light of day. The Chain of command of HDLG evidence was flagrantly broken by many well-placed links in that chain. That is all.

  3. What on earth was Ann Pryke doing up there?

    1. I remember that Anne Pryke was on the board or working group or wehatever when the building was unused after it was closed and they were trying to find uses for it. I think it was used for accommodation for visiting bands (bands as in Battle of Flowers bands, not as in "Rolling Stones" bands)

      So she could have had a legitimate reason to be there. I am just very wary of slinging mud too freely, maybe this is "removing evidence" and maybe not.

    2. Anne Pryke was married to a top cop who was a crook, and who was covering up child abuse over here, that is fact Jon.

  4. Excellent posting about the C.O.I can be read HERE

  5. We need answers,this must not be allowed to slip away.

  6. Question
    Can the Minister inform members whether, in the early stages of the historic child abuse
    investigation, both a current States Member and an individual still employed by the States and
    himself facing a number of allegation relating to abuse, went to Haut de la Garenne and attempted
    to gain access past the Police cordon stating that they needed to collect/remove personal material?
    The States of Jersey Police have no formal record of any such visit by either party and with the
    passage of time, there is no-one still serving within the States of Jersey Police who is able to
    confirm that any such visit took place.
    However, I am aware that Deputy Kevin Lewis was very familiar with the building because of the
    time that he had spent there during the production of the Bergerac series. The premises were used
    for the Bergerac series for about 7 years after they had ceased to be used as a Children’s Home.
    When mention was made in the press of a large bath on the premises, he contacted the States of
    Jersey Police in order to offer them assistance. His offer was accepted and he met the then
    Deputy Chief Officer Harper and, without entering the building, showed him from the outside the
    area where the bath was situated.
    I am also aware that one ex-officer has a recollection of a suspect turning up at Haut de la
    Garenne, as did other parties throughout the early stages of the Haut de la Garenne part of the
    investigation, but that no attempt was made by the suspect to enter the site.

  7. Where these questions ever answered?