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Friday, 1 February 2013

"Update On A Lunatic & A New Monthly Corruption Review"

"Haw, Haw, Haw, Silence Is Golden"

"Sharrock Amoeba"

It has been exactly one month since we barred the psychopath, Jon Sharrock Haworth from this blog.

Psychopathy (/sˈkɒpəθi/[1][2] is a personality disorder that has been variously characterized by shallow emotions (including reducedfear, a lack of empathy, and stress tolerance), coldheartednessegocentricitysuperficial charmmanipulativenessirresponsibility,impulsivitycriminalityantisocial behavior, a lack of remorse, and a parasitic lifestyle.

After our Christmas Special on this lunatic, which can be read at the link directly below,
we took the step to banish 'it' forever.

On Christmas night this twisted nut job rang me to inform me he was coming round to kill me, he then slammed the phone down. Immediately I rang the police to inform them of the death threat, and to explain what would happen to Haworth if he attempted to enter my home. Please see link below.

Seconds after my phone call to the police had finished, the deranged imbecile Haworth rang me back to explain that he had never left any of the comments published in the Christmas Special?

It was at that juncture I believe that the cops told him to desist with his warped behaviour. Since this latest death threat from Haworth, we have not had so much as one single insult, threat, or rude Email sent to the blog.

Does this tell our readers something?

Of course, the twisted one just can't help himself so he has been flooding FaceBook with insults, threats, and out and out lies, these spread by his dozens of fake avatars who regularly have multiple personality conversations with each other, and on the same comment threads!!! LOL

These fictional Alice in Wonderland characters (among many others) go by the names of Ben Montanto, Jane Care, Alan Gower, Sue Young, James Le Gallais, Jane Hanning, in fact, anything but
Jon Sharrock Haworth!

He has also been harassing one of the local bloggers over the last week or so by way of telephone calls, this blogger told him in no uncertain terms that if there is even so much as one more phone call, the nut will be reported to the police.

The Super Injunction hearing being brought by four of Jersey's worst criminals against Stuart Syvret, really should take the opportunity to register this freak-assed crackpot as insane, and before he "seriosle" hurts himself, and others. The pitiful one needs help, not encouragement, yet the States of Jersey who use this twerp for their own ends, don't even care enough to get him that much needed help.

Monthly Corruption Review


There were more stories we could have added, but these are enough for just 31 days!!!


I wrote this posting this morning, but in the last three hours I have had information of another unlawful police raid accompanied by a police assault which the Jersey authorities refuse to look into. A rape in the late nineties that was covered up by police, and also, what sounds like another child rape case the Jersey police don't want to touch. Looks like it's going to be some posting at the end of February!

What a shit hole of an island....


  1. Seven comments on this posting so far, the first of which started late last night, at around Stella o'clock.

    These progressively got more abusing by the hour culminating in the rant at five o'clock am. Stella's cut off point.

    Wonder who sent them :)

  2. Ian.

    A ranting comment was submitted to VFC at 5:13 this morning.........Now there's a coincidence!.......Naturally it didn't get published.

    1. Haw Haw Haw, no surprises there then! Thanks for that VFC.

  3. Just having a zip through FBook, he is now also, Daniel Baugh and Benjamin Grey.He has taken off 9 out of twelve comments on one comment strand because they feature the names in your posting above.He is also having a good go at trev pitman.

  4. Hahaha, I just had a look at his hate group, he is most of the characters on there, and also the commenters, it's very sad :(

  5. Two more insults just in, keep going with your comments Jon, we are going to have a bumper Christmas Special this year!!!

  6. As much as I do not condone violence, why do you not, as you know who he is, just knock FUCK out the sick bastard, sometimes violence is the only answer!

    1. Oh dear anon, that would never do, that is just what the Establishment want!

      If we use our 'brains' we have no competition :)

  7. Your right ian let him torture and destroy himself which he surley will

  8. Sir Ralf BelfingtonFebruary 02, 2013 5:53 pm

    What the fruit clearly hasn't got a handle on is that his writing style is so darn easy to spot. I guess that can't be easily disguised especially when your always pissed up and angry.

    He really is a dickhead.

  9. Having just looked at this "hate group" page and the list of members, I found it quite funny to see how many are actually just business pages added by a couple of sad people to bump up the numbers.No surprise to see a few politicians on there though.The majority of the comments appear to be nothing to do with Leah's interview and it seems to be decending in to a page to attack Trevor Pitman, how sad since the some of the most prolific posters are quite unsavoury charecters, and one of them does indeed live the "diamond and champagne" lifestyle with her lawyer husband.
    Keep it up Ian, VFC, Rico and Trevor, you are obviously unsettling someone who is behind this group. It is just sad that so many uneducated members have just jumped on the bandwagon and believe what others are posting.