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Friday, 8 February 2013

"The Sh*t Government Allows In Our Food Is Much Worse Than Any Drugs"

"War On Terror"
"War On Drugs"
"It Will Be The War On Strong Lager Next"

Kids will take drugs, so will adults, nothing will change that.

What can be changed though is the education about drugs, that's if the government haven't poisoned the kids minds beyond repair yet?

Have your kids had their daily dose of rat poison or aspartame today? All washed down with a nice gargle of fluoride! Big bowl of G.M corn for breakfast perhaps?

A cigarette with your coffee, a few chemical beers after work, fish & chips cooked in hydrolyzed vegetable oil for tea, and hey presto, you've already "legally poisoned" yourself to capacity for one day.

Not really my place to say but, after all the legal filth & shit mentioned above, why would anyone want to batter their body any more?

If your going to take any drug other than cannabis, at least Google it first and get clued up. If your drug experience does go pear shaped, at least arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do in that situation, and NEVER take drugs alone....Unless it's cannabis.

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