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Saturday, 16 February 2013

"Preparing The Sheeple For Acceptance Of R.F.I.D."

Call to micro-chip all dogs in Jersey

A Jack Russell terrier is scanned for a microchip
at a Blue Cross rehoming centre in the UK

ALL dogs in Jersey should be micro-chipped in line with proposals to change UK legislation, according to Senator Sarah Ferguson.
She wants the Dogs (Jersey) Law 1961 to be updated to follow the UK, which has recently proposed compulsory micro-chipping of all dogs by January 2016. Failure to do this would constitute a criminal offence.
Senator Ferguson said that the scheme would stop parishes spending money on trying to find stray dogs.

"Tell our twisted governments where

they can ram their RFID chips"

No one is obliged to do anything that government tells them under statutory law, under law, they can only make you an offer, an offer for you to accept freely. Refusing consent for a statutory law to have control over you is "Not" a crime, and can never be classed as a crime, only a quasi crime. Quasi literally means almost, but not quite, partially, having some part but not the whole.

Senator Sarah Ferguson is either ignorant of the law, or she is lying.

In Black's Law Dictionary the word "Must" is synonymous with "May" it is simply an offer, and an offer that you are entitled to decline. Statutes are "Not" laws, they can only be given the force of law with your consent. Remember this when next you read a government document that says you "Must"...."Submit" an "Application" for "Registration".



  1. Strange when Jersey sometimes follow the UK when it suits them.. I would suggest getting the states members micro chipped...... as we are talking about Dogs

  2. Yes, and Jersey always seems to follow when it's a N.W.O mandate, and especially when it includes revenue generation. Ask yourselves this, what are you getting for the price of your dog license, or your dog being chipped? You are getting EXPENSE....nothing else.

    Also of interest is the quote from Ferguson...."Senator Ferguson said that the scheme would stop parishes spending money on trying to find stray dogs." Is she suggesting that people are out searching for stray dogs all the time???

    1. I agree what all you are saying what next

  3. It may not be a crime without consent of dog owner/ Nevertheless dog owners will get fined using statute law, as has been shown on this blog.

    I would say 99.9% will adhere to the new legislation should it get passed.

    The campaign will focus on making dog owners/non owners believe those who do not follow suit are irresponsable dog owners.

    1. Could well be the case, but people should at least know that they have the choice, and lawfully. Any move by government to fine dog owners who have not consented to this statute is nothing short of TREASON. This bunch of parasites swore a common law oath to protect the people, and they did so in the name of her majesty!

  4. Sarah Ferguson is a blind fool. This legislation is being supposedly brought in to help stop the problem of dumped dogs in England by making people accountable for dogs they own or breed and to help stop the huge problem they have with overbreeding and irresponsible dog owners. It won't work because the sort of people who dump dogs will just cut the chip out before they abandon the dog just as greyhounds are frequently found dumped with their ears cut off to remove the tattoos that are supposed to help trace them back to trainers and owners. Jersey does not have a large problem with stray dogs, and the parish halls,ex vet who collects the dogs from the parish halls, and the kennels where the dogs are held all make a very tidy sum out of the poor owner. If your dog is collected by this method and is found not to have a lisence you can expect a hefty fine on top of all the other obscene charges. Obviously if this law is brought in and your dog is found not to be chipped then they will add another fine on top, we will then find people will not be able to pay the fines to get their dog back and so the problem escalates. My dogs are chipped as they came from uk rescues where it is standard practice, but I don't think it's healthy to have a foreign body in an animals neck and would never have it by choice. Wait for the next step of lost children and how it would be better to have them chipped at birth!!!

    1. There is already evidence that nurses and doctors are taking DNA samples of every newborn child, and have been doing for quite some time....Are they chipping us whilst we are being operated on?