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Thursday, 28 February 2013

"Police Refuse Help From Social Media Over Crimes By Government Employees"

Police benefit from social media

The Chief of Jersey Police says 2013 will be the year the force use and benefit from social media even more.

Jersey Police have released their new strategy for this year and the two main objectives are 'Operation Amber' and 'Operation Crackdown'.

Operation Amber aims to change perceptions about sexual violence on the island.

Operation Crackdown will concentrate on tracking down persistent thieves.

But Chief of Police, Mike Bowron has many more objectives to tackle this year.

The Chief says 2013 will be the year the force use and benefit from social media even more.

He says, "We can engage with more islanders than usual through Facebook and Twitter. For example, social media was great when we had the gas place fire and the adverse weather."

Chief Bowron is also keen on the public opinion survey and wants to know how islanders view the police force. He says, "We want to reduce crime and maintain the momentum at the same time."

Keeping youth crime at a low is also a high priority.

"Social Media Provides The Evidence"

The assertion that the Jersey Police have benefited from social media may be true, but to what degree?

Jersey Bloggers have published a wealth of information over the last four or five years (with documented evidence) to show crimes committed by policemen, judges, lawyers, care workers, honorary force members etc etc, yet not one scrap of this information has ever even been inquired about by the States of Jersey Police unless they have been forced to look into it by some brave and persistent people.

In fact, the Jersey Police actively seek to ignore the evidence published on social media as the evidence offered is utterly damning of their own system and it's employees. The end product, on the odd occasion they are forced to look into the issues raised, always ends up in a complete whitewash via the Attorney General, the Jersey police and the Jersey Police Complaints Authority.

I wonder if Mr Bowron, or one of his representatives can offer us some explanation as to why social media evidence is all to often ignored, even discredited?

I won't hold my breath waiting for a response


  1. Yet two highly accomplished men, former Police Chief Graham Power, and his former Senior Detective Lenny Harper, have interacted with Jersey bloggers to bring about greater journalistic transparency.

    One question for the police, if they still haven't answered it : Why did Jersey Police Twitter Account block Rico Sorda?

  2. that bowron is getting podgy