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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"Paedophiles, Child Abusers, And Their Protectors Are Leaving The States of Jersey Inc"

"It's Not Safe In Government Anymore!"

First we had paedophile protector and top policeman, Andre Bonjour, announcing his forthcoming retirement, and not to shortly after he took a promotion and no doubt, a rather large pension increase.

Andre Bonjour - Good old local boy!

Now word is reaching us bloggers that prolific Child Abuser, Mario Lundy, will be retiring in the not to distant future!!! What is it that has spooked these individuals? Could it be the fact that some good people in Jersey are not prepared to settle for watered down terms of reference with regards to the forthcoming Committee of Inquiry into decades of Child Abuse?

Evidenced Child Abuser Mario Lundy

Good Gravy, next it will be the government employed paedophile, Danny Wherry that will be announcing his retirement from Overdale hospital!!! My guess is that it will happen soon.

Will the plan be to not prosecute these creatures simply because they no longer work for government?

We shall see about that....

The rats are leaving the sinking ship

Those lacking courage or knowledge, please watch the video below to understand what governments are doing to their people!

"Does It Sound Familiar?"