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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"New World Order Laughing All The Way To The Bank"

Nearly 50 retail jobs go in Jersey

Last-ditch efforts to save a Jersey clothing chain are underway tonight as 47 islanders look for new jobs.

Yesterday evening staff working for the Collections Group were told they were out of work as the company went into liquidation.

Today their shops including Axle, SDS and Quicksilver were all closed and tonight ITV News has learnt two thirds of the workers let go, were owed at least a months wages. 

It's the latest bad news for the Channel Islands' faltering high streets.

One retail expert says it's time shopkeepers embraced the internet, and took a fresh look at how to attract customers.

And Richard Clews from Collections Group believes he will reinstate some of the posts.

In a last ditch attempt to save jobs lawyers put a rescue package to the Royal Court.

It would mean new management taking over the company. It's not clear how successful they'll be or how many jobs might be saved.

In the meantime, The Collections Group are praising Social Security for supporting staff in these daunting times. 

"Wakey Wakey Sheeple"

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  1. we all know whats happining over here lets just sit back and laugh our bollox off at them all squirm

  2. Ian, I Downey get it mate. Are you suggesting the New World Order want to shut the high street down?

  3. Then read the links above, do the research, and look very closely at Agenda 21, watch the YouTube vids on Agenda 21, buy the book, the banks want to foreclose on everything they can by 2015. Through Agenda 21 they are stealing peoples property in America, but it's a world wide agenda.

  4. yippppppp yippppppp yeeeeeeeeeee the greedy pigs are getting a touch of there own medicine and they don't like it !!!the shops here have been ripping people off for years and now people have woken up and now shop online where stuff is under half price with postage included :-)

  5. could it be the world order could have good connections with the running of the internet ? if so were f....d as once all the shops are shut we will only have the internet and what happens if we have to pay a world order tax on everything .there is definitely going on ..