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Saturday, 23 February 2013

"Meertwat Syndrome Is Overrunning Jersey"

Festival fear: Camping causing concern

Jersey's party poopers & killjoys are determined to stamp out any fun that may be had by the youth of the island, further erosion of our inalienable right to have some fun a couple of days a year.

When are these fossilized dinosaurs going to understand that in an already overly oppressive island, the youth of today need a little time to escape the misery and hardship of daily life in Jersey?

Get a life Meertwats!

There are concerns over plans to bring camping to Jersey's biggest festival . 

It's believed the off-site tents would boost the island's economy and draw festival-goers from further afield. 

It's a proposal that has been rejected a number of times by officials in Trinity, where the Jersey Live event is held, because of noise and anti-social behaviour. 

But now the constable of St Helier is considering the plans for his parish.

The organisers have been keen to introduce camping for years now - a similar set up to the Guernsey Festival.

No doubt with the hope it might draw visitors - not only from the UK, but gaining support from the other Channel Islands too. 


  1. maybe "meertwat" has been watching carry on camping and its given him nightmares,but hey look at all the damage a few tents would cause eh NOT !!!

  2. A few rich ponces 'must' be catered for.

  3. It is a good thing to enrage the youth of any fiefdom. Whatever the reason for their anger, they are your natural allies for change. The jersey Establishment is foolish to play with their discontent, even if the cause is not entirely political. It is time to set up organized youth opposition.

  4. Sam Meznec could be a natural leader for the islands voting youth and for change, as I think he is also known in the music scene and has a keen healthy interest in politics.

    1. Yes, I seem to recall Bailhache singing his praises on the radio the other morning!

  5. Saw this dinosaur on Ctv news the other day, nice bloke I'm sure but should be put out to pasture! Sometimes it is so sad to be a Jersey person when you have fools like this making decisions, get a grip man, what harm could it do...