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Monday, 4 February 2013

"Jersey Law States Bowron Must Investigate Himself?"

"Will Mike Bowron Refuse To
Take The Complaint?"

As regular readers will be aware, not so long ago I wrote to the Jersey police requesting information on my unlawful arrest and the illegal ransacking of my home which led to my heart attack last year. I was met by a wall of silence, which some months later was broken by a phone call from Police HQ informing me that my letter was not going to receive a reply!

This part of the story can be read at the link directly below.

Again, having deemed my efforts a waste of time trying to glean information from the police, I wrote a letter of complaint to the Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Michael Birt. As Mike Bowron was the Chief Officer of Police, and responsible for the conduct of his officers, the complaint was directed against him.

The complaint to the Bailiff can be read at the link directly below.

I have now received a response from the Bailiff's Chambers which can only be described as utterly bizarre! However, I am duty bound to follow the instructions of that letter, and have done so.

Below, is the letter that I received from the Bailiff's Chambers, below that is the letter I wrote on the advice I received from the Bailiff's Chambers.

"Letter From The Bailiff's Chambers"

"given that such matters may eventually result in court proceedings"

Well, that would be a first, but fair comment....

"Advised Letter To Chief Officer Bowron"

What Else Could I Write?


  1. well he will be getting investigated for leaking the cw secret hearing

  2. Written as a novel a publisher would reject such a story as obviously implausible.

    Terry Pratchett would find a wealth of material for his disc world series here in Jersey.


  3. What a great idea the Chief of Police having to investigate himself, what I do know is that the police like other states departments are servants of the public who pay them. No doubt most of them turn up for work on a daily basis and earn their wages and have honest principles, however they must be accountable, as all should be to make sure we are carrying out our duties whatever the business Government or otherwise.

    In your case Mr Evans you are not happy with the treatment or the way the investigation took over your personal possessions and you rightly or wrongly state damage was done. This could be the same for any resident of Jersey.

    You are allowed your view and have asked for those questions to be answered in a professional manner.

    If the police do not reply regarding the full context of your enquiry, we can then assume they are out of control, and self serving, by extension Chief of police Mike Bowron can then be viewed as obviously special picked from a greedy bunch of money grabbing self interest professionals to serve not the Jersey people but the Jersey Mafia.

    Please keep the Jersey people up to date and no doubt the intelligent politicians and the media read all blogs for ideas and feed back what are they doing to discover the truth, honesty and integrity about complaints against the SJPF.

    You or your family could be next, what do you mean. Unable to question a raid on your house by the police. Now how cool is that.

    If the police feel that they are correct they should answer the questions !

  4. @Cyril: So who would be the Patrician in our version of Ankh Morpork that car there eh, ma love?

    Apols for off topic

    The Beano is not the Rag

  5. To be fair, the Bailiff is to some extent constrained by the Police (Complaints and Discipline) (Jersey) Law 1999 unless you commence, say, judicial review proceedings. Judicial review proceedings (not only by reference to Jersey law, but under UK law) require that all other potential remedies are exhausted first (there may be exceptions though).

    You may, however, have a case for asking for a non-local team to investigate the case particularly in view of the criticism of "the authorities" in the Minty, Beghin, Courtness disciplinary case. The Police Force is incapable of undertaking a balanced approach to investigation of its own officers. The Police Complaints Authority produces statistics ( On a statistical basis, every year, at least 25% of the complaints received appear to be substantiated or partly substantiated yet the Police refuse to provide detail of the results of any investigation. Indeed, they don't even bother to interview many of the witnesses or indeed the complainant (I understand that the interviews have operated as quasi-threats of criminal prosecution for wasting Police time etc). If the Police Complaints Authority actually specified the nature of the substantiated complaints I strongly suspect that they would be of an innocuous nature, cherry picked to avoid true disciplinary sanctions. Why? Not because the members of the Police Complaints Authority are bent, but because the whole process is managed by the Police itself with "supervision" by one or more members of the Police Complaints Authority who are probably selected for their passive qualities.

  6. On a statistical basis, every year, at least 25% of the complaints received appear to be substantiated or partly substantiated yet the Police refuse to provide detail of the results of any investigation. Indeed, they don't even bother to interview many of the witnesses

    So true try being a working class familly whose children are bullied or wrongly arrested by the police compaints go nowhere and same family are intimadted by the officers the complaints are made against disgusting no justice in Jersey

    1. Anon, if that is the case, then complain again, cc your letters to your local politician. Copy them to the Bayleaf, and especially to the Lieutenant Governor who must notify the authorities in England as he is the Queen's envoy. There is remedy, even in a corrupt little enclave such as Jersey, but your going to have to work for it I'm afraid. If you need any assistance, myself and Cyril will come out and talk with you, just leave a "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment on here with a contact phone number :)

  7. Ha Ha in the words of another infamous blogger 'you just coul'nt make it up'

  8. Sam Mézec 5 February 2013 08:46

    Posted -

    "On the jerseypropaganda blog. Honestly, I am not a fan. In particular, as a law student, I'll tell you that every single post on it about this nonsense "common law" stuff is totally ridiculous. He also talks about how taxation isn't legitimate, parking fines aren't binding etc etc, and it's just wrong. I could do a whole blog post explaining why, but I think I'd be wasting my time."


  9. So where was this posted anony-mouse?

    1. Well I never, it's actually true, Sam Mezec did write this claptrap, and it can be read "HERE". Perhaps one of you good souls could point the boy wonder in the direction of the Magna Carta! Get him up to speed on real law :)

      So, they finally got to brainwash the 'boy soldier' Sam Mezec, and even before he signs up to their statutory lifestyle. Or was he an Oligarchy plant from the off?

      It would be rather odd that, if after six years of studying law, Sam then sided with the people like he professes to do now, what of all those years of study?

      When the time comes for him to swear his oath to the Bar Association & Law Society, he would never be allowed to go against their members or their rules, that means no more standing on the side of the common people.

      You only need look at the many examples of the appalling conduct of lawyers toward their clients here in Jersey to see this, especially their legal aid clients whom the lawyers dump on when instructed to do so, and at the drop of a hat. And who will even commit perjury to protect the establishment over giving their client a win against the establishment!

      Here is what Lord Coke (who formalized law maxims) said about Sam's "nonsense common law". PMSL :)

      "Reason is the life of the law; nay, the common law itself is nothing else but reason - the law which is perfection of reason."

      Sam is, of course, studying statutory law, which reasons that "a man standing on St Catherine's breakwater can be said to be using a vehicle parked at St Ouen's".

      Good luck to you Sam, you will go far, after all, denying common law is the primary prerequisite to becoming Bay-leaf!!!

  10. Having statutory laws superseding common law is the reason that justice in Jersey is a pipe dream.


  11. Mezec has shown himself for what he really is and how many of us are stupid enough to believe what a lawyer says.

    1. For those with a brain in Jersey, I think Sam has dug himself a hole he can never climb out of, when it rains, he drowns.

  12. I find myself somewhat compelled to agree with you Ian that Mr Mezec has wrote from my limited knowledge of law appears to be rather reckless.

  13. Reckless! It is akin to the Pope calling the mother Mary a whore!!!

  14. I thaught. He was a big fat she this is a new one on me is he polish this Sam mezec

    1. And while we're at it, don't get to excited about today's trolling session halfwit, your getting a visit next week :)

  15. Ian.

    The plot continues to thicken after this latest "exclusive" from Former Jersey Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, tells us THE EVIDENCE DID NOT COME FROM ME"

  16. liverpool are looking at that one aswell .the ball is rolling