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Thursday, 7 February 2013

"Hunt Still On For Murderer"

Police chase new leads in Tuula Hoeoek

Detective Inspector Lee Turner

Jersey Police are continuing to chase up new leads in an unsolved murder that happened almost 50 years ago.

20-year-old Finnish au pair Tuula Hoeoek was found battered to death in a field in Grouville on New Year's Day 1966.

The case has now been re-opened.

Police are keen to talk to 'members' of the Anglo Club, an informal group of friends that Tuula used to meet with in the Havre des Pas area. 

They're also keen to track down three girls with whom Tuula shared a flat in the Bagot area.

The officer leading the enquiry, Detective Inspector Lee Turner, said: "I would continue to urge others who think they might have information, however seemingly insignificant this might appear to be, to make contact.

"It is vital in a case such as this that we build as full a picture as possible of Tuula’s life, contacts and activities in Jersey, not just in respect of the hours leading up to her death but also in the days, weeks and months beforehand." 


  1. what a wast of time and money are these clowns for real

  2. "YOU" are the only waste of time and money Jon, the cops must hate having to protect a turd like you....

  3. Was it the right era that it could have been the 'beast'?

  4. in this day and age of forensic science it will be only a matter of time before they catch the culprit.ian did you know "troll" john went for a brain scan down the hossie?? well they had to stop using the mri scanner as they thought it was broken as they could not find anything in there ;-)