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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"How The States of Jersey Police Cover Up Machine Really Works"

"Crooks Who Investigate Themselves, Also Investigate Their Friends, Whilst They Themselves Are Under Investigation From Those Same Friends"

Conflicted - Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor

Further to my posting of the 4th of February 2013 wherein I lodged a formal complaint against Chief Officer Mike Bowron (see link directly below),
regarding the refusal by his officers to provide me with information about my unlawful arrest, detention, and the illegal ransacking of my home in connection with my arrest for alleged contempt of court, I can now confirm that I have had a response from the SoJP.

After being forced to make the ludicrous request that Chief of Police Mike Bowron investigates himself, I was contacted by none other than Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor, who must have been asked by Chief Officer Mike Bowron to investigate Chief Officer Mike Bowron! The letter is below.

As we can deduce from this letter, Mr Taylor alleges that I made complaints of "misconduct on the part of States of Jersey Police Officers" as in plural, more than one!

Actually Mr Taylor, no I did not, I made a complaint against Chief Officer Bowron who must accept responsibility for the conduct of his officers, that conduct being their refusal to furnish me with the information I lawfully requested in conjunction with my unlawful arrest.

I requested this information in order to make the correct complaints against the correct police officers with regard to my unlawful arrest. This I would submit, is a whole different ball game to that being played out by D.C.O. Barry Taylor.

Mr Taylor also states in his letter that "In accordance with the law" he will be referring this complaint to the Minister for Home Affairs, namely, Ian Le Marquand. The significance of this will become plain as a pikestaff to our readers.

Further to Mr Taylor's involvement in this complaint, I have been advised today that Barry Taylor has just concluded an investigation into his own conduct, and perhaps not to surprisingly, has found himself not guilty? I believe that VFC will be blogging about this little chestnut later on this evening. It's here!!!

I would also add that Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor has ongoing complaints against himself for perverting the course of justice, and dereliction of duty. These complaints were in regard to him covering up complaints of grave and criminal assault and perjury against four of his fellow officers, which complaints where initiated by myself some two years ago. More about that shortly.

Today I have received another letter from D.C.O. Barry Taylor, this letter stating that Detective Chief Inspector Alison Fossey will be investigating the complaints that Mr Taylor believes I made. I must add that I have never had any dealings with Alison Fossey so this will be a first for me, some small measure of independence with regard to a complaint....Today's letter is below.

Please note that this letter states that the investigation will be supervised by a member of the Jersey Police Complaints Authority, the very same authority that dumped on me last time out, and who also dumped on Cyril with regard to the police perjury in his case, and the case of Maria who witnessed a horrific assault on two young teenage boys by police officers. Both these cases were dismissed by the authority after damning evidence was presented to them. These cases are at the link below.

Mike Bowron - Has ignored my complaints for two years

So....Where was I going with the title of this posting?

"Crooks Who Investigate Themselves, Also Investigate Their Friends, Whilst They Themselves Are Under Investigation From Those Same Friends"

Well, almost two years ago (and for the fourth time) I lodged formal complaints against four police officer who had needlessly grave and criminally assaulted me, and who had all committed perjury at my trial. I also had complaints of perverting the course of justice, and dereliction of duty against Ian Le Marquand (2 x counts) the same complaints against D.C.O David Warcup, The deputy Bailiff Bill Bailhache, my appeal judge Mr Francis Hamon, and two Ju-rat's who sat with him, and most importantly for this blog posting, Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor. These complaints were addressed to Chief Officer Mike Bowron and the Attorney General, Tim Le Cocq. These complaints can be read at the link below.

This complaint to Chief Officer Mike Bowron about the conduct of Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor is still ongoing, even though he probably wishes it was not. The last I heard from anyone about this complaint was a letter from Mr Bowron's personal assistant, Pauline Oliver back in August 2011 wherein she stated that a response would be sent to me in due course....Good job I didn't hold by breath hey!!!

My complaint against Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor was of perverting the course of justice & dereliction of duty as he had covered up my complaints against those named in the last but one paragraph above. I now find, according to Barry Taylor (in the first letter of this posting) that this complaint shall be reverted back to the totally corrupt Ian Le Marquand for yet a third hearing on a decision in a case involving virtually the same players!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of Mickey Mouse outfit is this?

So....To sum matters up.

I have lodged a complaint against Mike Bowron, to Mike Bowron. He in turn has allocated the investigation of this complaint against himself to his deputy Barry Taylor, whom Mike Bowron himself is investigating for perverting the course of justice & dereliction of duty, and who has recently found himself not guilty of any wrongdoing in the case that VFC has reported at the link above. This complaint will then be sent to Ian Le Marquand who was the judge in the first case of the four cops, and who was then the Home Affairs Minister in that same case who dismissed my complaints against himself as the judge in the case, my complaints against David Warcup, and my complaints against Barry Taylor. This nonsense is further compounded by the fact that these complaints will eventually fall at the foot of the Jersey Police Complaints Authority who have brazenly dismissed all my complaints against all concerned in all my previous complaints. The very same government 'rubber stamp' outfit that, along with the Attorney General Tim Le Cocq and the Jersey Police, have conspired to cover up the perjury in Cyril's case, and the grave and criminal assault by policemen in Maria's case....

"You Just Couldn't Make This Shit Up"


  1. pmsl ian you said this posting was good well you lied its not its fantastic :-)

  2. Hi Ian.

    Just put up the Audio from today's States sitting, Hope this helps your investigation's. You & your Readers can listen HERE