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Thursday, 21 February 2013

"Hijacked Electoral Commission On Course To Hijack Democracy"

Reform referendum will go ahead

Islanders in Jersey will get the chance to vote on how to reform the island's government, after a referendum was given the go-ahead by politicians. 

The public will be asked whether they'd like to keep the Constables in the States Chamber, or whether they'd prefer a single type of member, all called Deputies. 

Islanders will go to the polls on Wednesday the 24th of April.

And now campaigns are underway for the referendum.

After two days of debate, the proposed set of referendum questions have been approved without change. A series of amendments all failed and the main proposition was approved by 37 votes to 12.

Reform Option A: Parish Constables will no longer be members of the States There will be 42 States members known as Deputies. There will be six large districts, each choosing seven Deputies.

Reform Option B: Parish Constables will continue to be members of the States There will be 42 States members: 30 Deputies and 12 parish Constables There will be six large districts, each choosing five Deputies.

Reform Option C: The current system will remain. There will be 49 States members from 2014: eight Senators elected island-wide, 29 Deputies elected in constituencies and 12 parish Constables.

If none of the options gets a majority - there'll be a single transferable vote, in which people's second option will be taken into account.


  1. Heads you lose, tails you still lose.

    You got to give it to Bailhache he has played a blinder even though most of his supporters are egotists, corrupt or thick.

    Vote out the constables option A) and get a reduced number in the house giving the executive ( Ministers and assistants number around 21 at present ) more power because the figure has dropped to 42 with fewer backbenchers.

    Vote b) the Constables stay in, then you have ten sheep to generally support the executive in whatever they wish to serve up.

    Even so the weaker position for Bailhache and his cronies is to vote (A).

    This could wrong foot them so they break an ankle , why, later peeps have a think.

    1. Good God!!!

      Somebody in Jersey actually get's it?

      halle 'fucking' lujah!!!

    2. Comment from

      Nick Palmer said...
      Stuart - just left this comment on ThisisJersey. They may not print it so could you to give it a wide audience?

      "All you commenters aren't being shown the whole picture. The JEP story was that an "email is circulating" because of Minister Duhamel's "reported as disastrous" speech at this dinner. If anyone cares to look back at Trevor Pitman's blog you will clearly see that this knife in the back was planned weeks ago. Unless certain other Ministers have access to a time machine that all rather blows the convenient cover story the JEP has been fed completely out of the water.

      "The Bald Truth" blog predicted this coup weeks ago - it is apparently rooted in Senator Bailhache who was mightily miffed that Duhamel's granting of planning permission to the wannabe Plemont despoilers jacked up the potential purchase price of the land and thereby tipped the vote against Senator Bailhache's personal project. Now, I am angry that Plemont was granted permission but Duhamel had little other choice under the Planning Law, given the long history of the proposed development's applications and promises before he became Minister. In essence, it appears that Bailhache threw his toys out of the pram and screamed "off with his head" because Minister Duhamel actually applied the Planning Law against his wishes.

      What does this show about Senator Bailhache's true respect for the Law? Coming from his former legal life, he should really have the utmost respect for, and favour an honest application of, the Law. If he had a problem with the law he should have lobbied to change it. The last thing we want to believe about him is that he believes the Law should only apply when it fits his objectives and that he feels entitled to exact a terrible revenge when he is thwarted.

      This situation needs to be cleared up soon and the bright light of day needs to be shone onto any hidden Machiavellian anti democratic activity."

  2. And the Rag has ILM saying that Option C is best (and quoted three times just in case those readers who are hard of thinking don't get it the first time) and not to use your second choice. Anything but "A" eh?

    The Beano is not the Rag