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Thursday, 14 February 2013

"Even More Lies & Horseshit From The J.E.P"

Ban on US writer was for ‘attempt to mislead’

Leah, banned for being open and honest....

AN American journalist was banned from re-entering the UK after misleading border officials about her plans to travel on to Jersey, according to immigration authorities.
Leah McGrath Goodman, who recently made headlines after an interview she gave to Russian television in which she made inflammatory comments about Jersey began circulating among Islanders on the internet, was refused entry to the UK in 2011.
Her travel ban, which was reduced to a year following a successful appeal which was supported by Jersey Deputy Trevor Pitman and UK MP John Hemming, has now been lifted and Ms McGrath Goodman said she was looking forward to returning to the Island soon.


  1. The ban was simply because she was going to expose Jersey's filthy stinking perverts, nothing else....

  2. She. Did. Not. Mislead. Border Officials. Liars!

  3. Anonymous at 10.12pm we need proof of this.