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Friday, 15 February 2013

"Curtis Warren Demands Secret Report"

Curtis's lawyer wants secret report

The Jersey lawyer of drugs-baron Curtis Warren is fighting to gain access to a secret police report.

Stephen Baker will appear in the Royal Court on the 25th of February, to demand a copy of a report by Hampshire Police, who investigated Jersey Police officers over misconduct. 

He says it might contain material that could support a fresh appeal.

Curtis Warren initially thought he may get off when the police used illegal means to obtain evidence against him - but a court upheld his conviction. The policemen have now been cleared of any wrongdoing.


  1. Advocate Stephen Baker, the same Advocate who called the police all manner of things while defending Warren then goes on to prosecute Stuart Syvret, defending the police raid against him without a warrant.

    Just follow the money Stephen, forget about morals and integrity just fill the bank account.

    What an a terrible shallow man.

    1. Is that not what an advocate is supposed to do? defend the person whatever he has done, is this not what we fought for? that all will get representation.
      Do you want your advocate to be on one side or another or to take instruction and fight your case.

  2. Demanding a secret report from this Government, fat chance of that!
    It would be easier to poke butter up a Porcupines arse with a red- hot needle!!!!!!!