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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Curtis Warren Demands Secret Police Report Be Made Public"

Warren court hearing enters second day

A court hearing continues today into legal issues following the jailing of the drugs baron, Curtis Warren.

Warren is likely to be back in court in Jersey later this year. 

He's currently serving 13 years in a high-security jail on the mainland for plotting to smuggle cannabis with a street value of £1m into the island.

On Monday, Warren appeared at the Royal Court via video link as his legal team bid to get a secret police investigation made public.

He wore a grey striped sweatshirt and appeared confident as he consulted various papers and books on a desk before him. 
His previous court case, in 2009, cost Jersey Police £3/4 million because of the security operation which involved armed police. Today, Warren's defence team denied he is a security or so-called flight risk. 

Warren's conviction came about after an accomplice's car was unlawfully bugged.

The tactic of secret recording was widely condemned as contravening the European Convention on Human Rights. The matter was investigated by Hampshire Police. The Jersey Police officers involved were subsequently exonerated. Warren lost an appeal against his sentence citing the unlawful bugging.

On Monday, Warren's legal team began moves to get the undisclosed details of that Hampshire investigation made public. That hearing was adjourned and the court is now turning to other legal matters related to questioning a former juror removed from Warren's trial. 

It's expected moves to confiscate Warren's assets will begin later this week.

Advocate Stephen Baker believes the secret report may contain information which could get his client released from prison.

Curtis Warren initially thought he may get off when the police used unlawful means to obtain evidence against him - but a court upheld his conviction. The policemen have now been cleared of any wrongdoing.

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