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Thursday, 14 February 2013

"Catherine MacLachlan On Life & Death"

A heart full of gratitude

And a health Minister who is an imbecile!

Catherine MacLachlan, pictured three months after her operation

AN Islander whose life was saved by a heart transplant is calling on people to join the organ donation register this Valentine’s Day.
Catherine MacLachlan was 15 and a student at Jersey College for Girls when, out of the blue, she was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and within weeks was told she had just hours left to live.
However, after a donor heart became available she underwent a transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital which ultimately saved her life.
Today, on the first anniversary of the launch of her campaign – the Love Hearts Appeal – that has so far raised £103,000 to fund facilities at the Heart and Lung Centre at GOSH, she has told in her own words why people should consider being organ donors.

Lack of Channel Islanders on Register is "embarrassing"

BOLLOCKS!!! What is embarrassing is the ineptitude of useless halfwits like Anne Pryke, and her predecessors who didn't have the God Damned nous to even publicize the fact that these opportunities were open to the public. These thick halfwits never gave the public the opportunity to even know about these possibilities. I tried for over a decade to submit a blood sample to the Anthony Nolan Trust as a bone marrow donor, by the time these idiots publicized the fact, after one of my blog postings, I was over the age limit to donate!!! These imbeciles should be fired forthwith....

For more information and details on how to sign the Register, click here.

Follow the campaign on Twitter by using the hashtag, #fromtheheart.

In the second of our From the Heart reports highlighting the shortage of organ donors in the British Isles, campaigners say the lack of people on the Organ Donor Register in the Channel Islands is "embarassing". 

The NHS Register covers the Channel Islands as well as the UK, but there is confusion among Islanders about this.

Jersey doctor Neil MacLachlan knows what can happen if no organs are available.

His daughter Catherine suffered sudden heart failure when she was 15. She desperately needed a heart donor or she would die.

Dr Neil MacLachlan Consultant Obseitrician and Gynacologist: "A lot of people who are on the urgent waiting list, die whilst on the waiting list, and Catherine was waiting seven days and probably had one more day." 

After having a heart transplant, Catherine and Neil wanted to help others. They set up the Love Hearts Appeal - which has raised more than £100,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London where Catherine was treated - and were shocked at how little is done in the Channel Islands.

Neil explained: "When we looked at the Channel Islands, we were amazed to see that only 9% had actually signed up, which is frankly a bit embarassing. People in the Channel Islands have equal rights to organs as anyone else in the UK, so we felt as an Appeal we should really concentrate on getting people in the Channel Islands to at least match the sign up rate of the UK which is 30%."

Campaigners say the UK figure is also too low - and everywhere in the British Isles up to more like 90%. 

The Guernsey surgeon who carried out the first hand transplant in the British Isles last month says more people need to sign the Register for modern science to achieve what it needs to.

Professor Simon Kay said: "The gift of an organ is an extraordinary thing and of course if you are an organ donor it's very important to remember that you don't usually just give one organ. You can choose the organ you give but in the death of a loved one you have the opportunity to restore live and quality of live to more than a dozen people."

An extra 33,000 people have signed the Organ Donor Register since ITV launched From the Heart this week.


  1. Bless your cotton socks lady, and the family of the donor who were brave and thoughtful enough to give their consent :) xxx

  2. i myself,and a lot of other people have asked our wonderful health minster for help and the answer is"sorry its not my job!"shes useless.the best health minster we have ever had is Stuart syvret he was the "peoples minister" who got treated like s**te by the other states member and fitted up by the local police force on bullshit charges.i am on the donors list myself,if my body parts help some else to live a full life then i would be happy. Catherine MacLachlan,i hope you have a long and happy life.