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Monday, 4 February 2013

"Bloggers Force Corrupt Jersey MSM To Publish Police Tribunal Findings"

EXCLUSIVE: Curtis Warren Police

"Thrown to the wolves"

The full story and transcripts can be read through the link below

They're the police officers who protected Jersey from one of the UK's worst criminals.

And today, for the first time, ITV News can reveal criticism of island's police force and Attorney General over an investigation into the bugging of a car which helped catch drugs baron Curtis Warren.

DCI David Minty, Inspector Louis Beghin, and Detective Sergreant Lawrence Courtness were last month cleared of wrongdoing for bugging the car of one of Warren's accomplices as it drove through Europe.

The criticism of the authorities in Jersey is highlighted in the secret written verdict in the case.

First up, a damning assessment of the States of Jersey Police and the office of the Attorney General by the senior UK police officer who led the heading.

Chief Constable Mike Barton of Durham Constabulary concluded: "I do find it odd that having asked the Hampshire Police to investigate the matters surrounding the Curtis Warren police operation, the authorities in Jersey did not co-operate fully in the way that I would have expected. That caused me considerable surprise."

Next, the verdict that police officers were right to rely on spoken advice from a Crown Advocate when they asked if they were allowed to bug a car. They were told: "If it was me I would go ahead and do it but don't quote me on that".

Chief Constable Mike Barton's written judgement gives an insight into what it was like for the officers caught up in the hearing.

He said, "I can see why DI Beghin feels he was thrown to the wolves", adding "I found all of the officers to be open and honest."

What isn't yet open is the extent of the co-operation, or lack of co-operation by Jersey's authorities in this whole saga.


  1. Public's faith in the police? hahaha....What faith?

    You will see what I am talking about in my next posting within the hour!!! LOL

  2. i think the ball is rolling

  3. Your going to have to do a little better than that Jon :)

  4. I have to admit that I was somewhat amused by Channel Television's claim to "exclusive" reporting of the Disciplinary Hearing. I imagine that they would have been waiting for an "official copy" of the judgment before publishing though. I notice that they disabled comments on the story though. It's understandable as the matter is likely to be a bit hot for the MSM.

  5. Cover up TV were never going to publish anything, because, as criminal Le Marquand said, he was not going to divulge the contents of the hearing. Indeed, they only gave CTV a snippet because the truth was already out there. Notice how they never mentioned that the report had been leaked this time? To embarrassing for them, wonder if they will vote for another investigation into the leakage? PMSL

  6. Iv heard bowron recieved a very large amount do leak it to the underworld

  7. Could we have some proof of that please anon, or are you just making it up? That's the sort of comment Jon would make!

    1. every thing wil be proven soon


  9. google liverpool echo it headlines there

  10. Hi Ian.

    Hear is Mr Graham Power being interviewed on BBC Jersey Radio about the Bugging of Curtis Warren's Car, you & your readers can Listen HERE