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Monday, 21 January 2013

"Yet Another Of Jersey's Finest Paedophiles On Parade"

Jailed: Islander who ‘bought’

children to abuse

Twisted Pervert Paul Renouf

A Jersey paedophile who paid poor parents in Bulgaria £60,000 to sexually abuse their young sons has been jailed for four years.

Paul Renouf's victims were just 11-years-old and given to him for weekends and holidays, a Bulgarian court heard.

The parents increasingly relied on the divorced dad-of-three's money for food and he bought them a house.

A neighbour of Renouf, 63, told The Sun newspaper, "The boys were in and out of his place constantly, you'd have thought they were his children."

Renouf left Britain after serving three years of a five-year jail term for sex attacks on children in the UK.

He pleaded guilty to procuring the brothers and the parents admitted handing the boys over.

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  1. This could possibly have been preventable had Jersey had a sex offender's register, but no as ever it only came into force in the last couple of years. He probably would not have got into Bulgaria had one been in force.

    As ever, Jersey's finest have a part to play in the lack of this legislation many years ago.

    And....may the bastard rot.

  2. No one has come up with a way to prevent an a paedophile's first act of abuse, but we do know almost all become repeat offenders. So many cases of child molestation and of even adult rape are not reported or prosecuted, and those that are result in weak ineffective sentences, if any, and almost no long term monitoring. That is the reason there are so many more criminal acts of child rape by Jersey paedophiles. They are simply not stopped or managed in any meaningful way. We should simply expect horrible and unspeakable repeat offenses from these monsters, the kind of crimes which ruin the lives of their innocent victims if we do not make every effort to prevent them from continuing. Jersey authorities seem to think paedophiles will stop raping children if admonished or given a light sentence, which is absurdly stupid and irresponsible. An abundance of statistics and other scientific evidence proves these offenders will just reoffend. That is why this bastard's first offense should have been his last, and undoubtedly, he began offending before that first UK conviction. The system is guilty for what was done to all these children subsequently.

  3. as jersey would say they were at the lower end of the scale

  4. Were did this beast get the money from?

  5. I know this guy, or used to. Wasnt he also convicted here for child abuse within say, the last twenty years.

  6. I have no idea mate, I certainly haven't come across his name before. But I guess you don't just start being at paedo at that age....