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Saturday, 5 January 2013

"Two More Extremely Serious Complaints Against The Jersey Police Are Covered Up!!!"

"Deputy Chief Officer, Barry Taylor & Attorney General, Tim Le Cocq Must Be Fired For Corruption Or Negligence!"

Crooked Barry Taylor

Crooked Tim Le Cocq

Yet again we see the total and utter breakdown of Law & Order in Jersey with the dismissal of two  more very serious complaints of police corruption in Jersey.

These two separate complaints were recently dismissed By Attorney General, Tim Le Cocq, who stated "I do not consider that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute them for any offence".

After the above ruling, the complaints were passed on to (I believe) the Jersey Independent Police Complaints Authority and the Jersey Police for the purpose of instigating any disciplinary action that may be required against the officers concerned.

As I told both complainants at the outset of these complaints, they would both receive, word for bloody word, the letters that I said they would receive from Tim Le Cocq, as readers know, this transpired as I had predicted. I also said the exact same about any disciplinary proceedings by the Complaints Authority or the Jersey Police, this prediction has also now come to pass!

What I predicted a year ago is written below in red
Besides these assurances, there are still three fundamental problems in my view.

1/ The complaint will be overseen by the Police Complaints Authority Commission, who, when dealing with one of my complaints, were the most corrupt bunch of lying cheating scumbags I had ever encountered in Jersey. They were furnished with the most damning evidence and completely ignored it.

2/ The complaint cannot be actioned until the two boys have faced a parish hall enquiry. Why not? Could it be that the plan is to get the two boys to plead guilty at that enquiry and find against them therefore giving the rogue policemen the appearance of "just cause" for their actions!!!

3/ The author of the letter below (Barry Taylor) has ongoing complaints against himself for perverting the course of justice and dereliction of duty!!!


Case 1

Was a complaint of Grave & Criminal assault against two police officers who needlessly battered two young teenagers for absolutely no reason. There were (at least) eight witnesses to these assaults, three of which were totally independent. The main potential (and independent) prosecution witness was never even interviewed? And we have no information who, if any, of the other witnesses were interviewed? The police have so far refused to give Maria (independent witness) a copy of her statement?

One of the victims blood stained clothes were bagged up by the mother, yet the police refused to take these items for forensic examination? The police refused to investigate the complaints against the assaulting officers before the two teenagers were subjected to criminal charges and a Parish Hall inquiry themselves? Maria was also told by a police sergeant that she could not make a formal complaint about the assaults as she was not the victim? Maria described the assaults over the police station telephone as they were actually happening, and said phone call would have undoubtedly been recorded. All we get back from the Attorney General & the police is that there is insufficient evidence to charge any of the officers with any offence!!!

Case 2

Was the complaint Cyril made against two officers for perverting the course of justice, and perjury. The police wrote down in a police pocket notebook, exactly what Cyril had said when the officers spoke to Cyril at his home. When giving evidence in court, the two officers said the complete opposite to what they had wrote down in the police pocket notebook, which Cyril, at the time of writing, had verified as correct. I put it to Mr Tim Le Cocq and Mr Barry Taylor that you both have to be completely corrupt, or complete and utter morons to not understand that all that is required to substantiate these complaints, is to look at, and read, the bloody police pocket notebook at the relevant dated page!!!

The link to the two stories, and the Attorney Generals decision is below.

Below, we have the almost identical template letters that the Jersey police so fondly like to dish out when one or more of their number commits a very serious crime.

Just for shits and giggles....The following for our readers amusement :)

So The Saga Continues :)

And please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks.


  1. I could point you in the direction of another one of these - word for word!!

    Another valid complaint, glossed over and covered up by these two crooks.

    1. I wish you would anon, I want people to stop being afraid and speak out. It is only silence that allows this vile corruption to carry on unabated.

      Anyone with a story, please contact me and lets air your story, what is there to fear???

  2. I like their motto under their badge.

    "STATES OF JERSEY POLICE - Making Jersey Safer"

    Safer for whom?

    1. They just misspelled "suffer".

  3. Took this off the police website.

    Integrity and Compliance
    Professional Standards
    The States of Jersey Police are committed to ensuring that integrity and professional standards are given the highest priority. To make sure this is achieved it is essential that complaints about the force are investigated thoroughly, fairly, impartially and objectively.

    The Professional Standards Unit is directly responsible to the Deputy Chief Officer for the administration and investigation of reports, allegations or complaints made about police officers. Their work is overseen by the Jersey Police Complaints Authority.

  4. hahaha, hilarious :)

    As we can see from the above posting, none of their provisions were employed in our two cases!!!