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Thursday, 31 January 2013

"States Mugging The Common Law People Again" Part 3

More parking proposed for St Helier

Above: The proposed plans to rip you off.

A multi million pound project could see 90 new parking spaces in St Helier.

Transport and Technical Services want to build a single storey on top of the current car park at Snow Hill, with access from Regent Road.

It's likely to cost almost £5m. The department say they've got half of the money, but the States would have to provide the rest.

If approved it could be built within two years.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for TTS said: "Now that the study has been completed and the report published, I would like to set up a high level working group, in conjunction with the Treasury Minister, to find the additional resources needed and progress this concept and allow additional shopper parking to be provided at this central site, in a short timescale."

"The Parking Scam Continued"

This is priceless, the people turned over 'twice' with the 'same' scam!

We read above that a new £5,000,000 car park is proposed. 

"Scam One"

Transport & Technical Services have half of the £5m required, the rest will have to come from the States of Jersey, i.e the tax payer.

OK, what's the problem?

The problem for me is "Where did Transport & Technical Services get their half of the £5m from?"

It wasn't from the tax payer by any chance? Was it?

"Scam Two"

OK, so now, just for arguments sake, the monstrosity has been built, solely funded by the tax payer to the tune of £5 Million, and is ready for use.

What then?

This is brilliant, they want to charge the tax payer to park on the monstrosity the tax payer paid for on the very ground that the tax payer already owns!!!

Are you guys getting the jist yet?

For those who aren't....below we have Robert Menard's
"Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception"

You want to learn? This guy will teach you :)

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