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Thursday, 31 January 2013

"States Mugging The Common Law People Again" Part 2

Parking costs to rise

Car owners in Jersey will have to take another hit tomorrow as parking charges rise.

The cost of parking will go up from tomorrow with a regular single unit paycard increasing to 73p from 71p.

The Transport and Technical Services minister says it is in line with inflation.

Deputy Kevin Lewis says, "Jersey parking charges still remain some of the least expensive in the British Isles. Of course, a price increase is never welcomed."

Here's the full list of parking charges: (inclusive of GST)

1 unit Paycard: 71p to 73p
2 unit Paycard: £1.42 to £1.46
4 unit Paycard: £2.84 to £2.92

Monthly Season Ticket : £116.09 £119.69
Monthly Half Permit: £58.04 to £59.84

5 unit Uniticket: £3.55 to £3.65
10 unit Uniticket: £7.10 to £7.30

*Eco 1 unit Paycard: 36p to 37p
*Eco 2 Unit Paycard: 71p to 73p
*Eco 4 Unit Paycard: £1.42 to £1.46
*Eco Monthly Season Ticket: £58.04 to £59.84
*Eco Monthly Half Permit: £29.02 to £29.92
*Reduced price parking available for qualifying low emission vehicles

"Who Owns The Roads?"

Well, after reading our last posting, have you guessed yet?

Yes....that's right...."YOU" the "PEOPLE" own the roads.

Exactly the same set up as the electric, gas, and water companies, it's ours, all of it, and again held in trust for us by the States of Jersey.

So why are most of us paying to park on our own property?

The answer is simple, it's called Government Deception.

It's About Time We All Woke Up!

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