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Thursday, 31 January 2013

"States Mugging The Common Law People Again" Part 1

Jersey Water to put prices up

ISLANDERS are facing more financial strain after Jersey Water became the latest utility company to announce a price increase.
The firm today revealed that annual standing charges, which have remained static for more than a decade, are to be replaced by a tiered system for those with the biggest meters.
And tariffs for metered and unmetered water charges will also rise.
Full report, including the new price breakdown, in today’s JEP.

"Who Owns The Water?"
Another price hike on water, but just who's is the water?
Do the States of Jersey, or even the New World Order have a franchise on water? Or even a legal claim to it? The simple answer is no, even the mad hatter, Ian Le Marquand will tell you that.
We the people own the water, all of us, excepting no one.
That established, who owns the Jersey Water Company? Who else but the States of Jersey you might think. Well, actually, no, we the people own the Jersey Water Company.
The people paid for everything that is Jersey Water, it is simply held in trust for the people of Jersey.
So the question now becomes....what right have they to charge us for water, or even for piping it to us? The answer is none!
It is ours, all of it, the only charges we should be paying is for the maintenance of the infrastructure already in place, and the wages for those manning the operation, nothing else.
In fact, come to think of it, the maintenance of the pipework and the infrastructure, and the wages of the good people who man the operation for us, should be paid for by the Corporations who use "our water" and not by us, the people who own it!!!
Incidentally, the same goes for Jersey Gas and Jersey Electric.
Now you know the truth, who among us will write to their Deputy or Senator demanding redress for this blatant theft against the people?

There is a hierarchy to law, this is as follows;

1) God (whatever that means to you, God is not defined).
2) People.
3) Governments.
4) Corporations and other legal fiction persons.

The rule of the hierarchy of law is that the created cannot have a claim(make laws) on the creator.

a) This is also expressed in the maxim of law that states;

“The law gives rise to fictions, not fictions the law.”

Legally speaking, governments are fictions.

b) Everyone is equal under the law. So how can politicians make laws for us, absent our consent?

c) Politicians and government employees are public servants, since when do servants make laws for the Masters?

Again, we don’t have to be Einstein to see how the relationship between the people and government is being turned on its head and rapidly deteriorating.


  1. How the hell can water rates need to be increased when we have more water and rain than the Island can cope with - cue the waterlogged fields, the overfilled reservoirs and the constant rainfall.

    As Athur Daly would say - 'they are having a larf aren't they'.

    People should start rebelling against these increases, because whilst they blindly accept them nothing will change and the States coffers will increasingly be bursting at the seams.

  2. why dont people realise that the water is not free just because it rains ,its got to be collected by diverting springs stored so maintenance on resavours , treated good or bad ? ,and pumped through miles of pipes that also have to be maintained . i dont work for the water company i am just a person that appreciate clean safe water by the gallon that comes in to our homes at the turn of a tap .we would be moaning if we lived in a country that had no water at the turn of a tap .we are not that hard done by when it comes to water .hell when i lived in spain my hair turned to straw when i washed it and i had to buy bottled water to cook and drink so we are lucky and i for one think it is cheep compared to some services that we rely on for life support . if you want to knock the price of somit think of the price of bloody beer, now that's a rip off .

    1. Anon, you clearly do not understand the scenario. Let me ask you, are you happy with corporations paying virtually no tax whilst you have to pay perhaps 20-30% of your wages to the government?