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Monday, 28 January 2013

"State Media Outlet 'Cover-Up TV' Begin Their Hate Goodman Campaign"

"We Are Not Controlled By Government"

We simply do as we are told!

Channel TV on Facebook!!!

Books are banned in a sleepy farmer culture that's filled with yachts, diamonds and champagne lounges.

Not our words, but the words of investigative journalist - Leah McGrath Goodman - in an interview with Russia Today.

She goes on to claim that the local media is controlled by the government. We're obviously not, but what are your thoughts on the interview?

"Obviously Not!"

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  • Tim Evans am I allowed to say ? ( haha )
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  • Tim Evans apparently though some books are banned which I didn't know previously and for that fact alone this interview is very interesting indeed. What good can come from such censorship? Things like this and the way jurats are voted in and states members voting on their own pay does make the state look somewhat out of step with the rest of the 'free' world. Can we have some change please before outside powers do it for us?
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  • Nem Louise Grihault yes tim, i believe you are, please go ahead.
  • Arcadia Melissa Lockhart Bet no-one will comment what they really think!
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  • James Le Gallais She is totally bonkers to think this rubbish. But Deputy Pitman campaigned to bring her here so it says more about his politics than anything else.
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  • Roisin Pitman makes me ashamed to say that I am related.
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  • James Le Gallais No way! Sorry Roisin.
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  • Kirsty Fosse I think she's some stuck up ignorant cow who can't get a story in her own country which is needless to say full of crimes, so shehas to stick her nose in elsewhere. I'm surprised the broad asrers didn't check the facts before airing. She implies she will cone back to the UK, I'm sure shed be put in a grave and covered with the islands "millions" pretty wuicllu.
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Excellent article by Cover-up TV

It shows beautifully how most of the population of Jersey have been dumbed down over the generations. Even more revealing is the fact that most of the above blindly rip into Leah without the slightest idea of what has actually gone on, government conditioning at it's peak.

Is it any wonder Jersey is in the mess it is in
when the people cannot research or think for themselves?


  1. It's almost an hour after my link was posted, they have taken the picture away leaving just part of the title, more than I expected I guess.

  2. You rogue, stealing quality material. By the way i rather like your blog it has a certain flavor of honesty. We welcome Leah back to rattle this rusty cage Hoorah : )

  3. Ian, please put this on facebook for me.

    Leah is referring to the book Nobody Came which was written about two brothers experiences at Haut De La Garenne. When originally published you could not buy it in local book stores. This is not some urban myth, Jerry Gosselin said this on planet jersey at the time and I believe him as he usually researches things like that. The book is now available in the Jersey library but I certainly remember people being interested in why it couldn't be bought locally at the time.

    She should have chosen her words more carefully and explained which book or books as she has given the non believers, victims of propaganda, the ammo to attempt a character assassination.

    However, if we have nothing to hide as they all say, what are they afradi of?

    PS BBC Jersey have done the same hatchet job on their website today. Isn't it funny though, I bet they wouldn't run a similar story using a youtube video of Graeme Power or a Lenny Harper interview. But somehow they are happy to link to something that suits their agenda.

    1. "Books are banned"

      That statement was entirely correct :)

  4. "Ian, please put this on facebook for me."

    It is on facebook!!!

  5. The most frightening thing about the CTV Facebook page and the anti-Leah Facebook group is a) it shows how many multiple profiles Jon S Howarth has created and b) how many simpletons get brainwashed by the likes of the local media and the likes of Howarth. The best thing you can do is promote this link from the Guardian

  6. The debate over whether any books were formally banned or simply unavailable due to bookseller fear of carrying something the establishment wouldn't approve of, is a moot point. The situation for the cover-up merchants is dire enough if they have to outright ban a journalist, but to engage in an orchestrated smear campaign against her now is extremely foolish. It will only call much greater attention to her upcoming book.

    Outside of Jersey, no-one will see the efforts to discredit her as anything more than a fear-based pushback against exposure of evidence. Any journalist can attract some amount of justified criticism, but attacking her will be widely viewed as a state-sponsored intimidation and retaliation for her winning the long battle to legally return.

    Who could logically believe otherwise? In order to accept the cover-up propaganda, the true believer has to be either threatened by exposure or on the payroll of a related enterprise, like Matt Tapp, an Ourchap Report author or a professional fixer like David Rose.

    If a segment of locals are outraged by Leah McGrath Goodman, it is because false pride and fear have overtaken the desire to know what has been covered up. If these locals are afraid of facing what has been covered up at HDLG, the future will be grim for them. There has been an explosion of dishonesty and corruption of Jersey institutions in response to the initial abuse investigation. This has split the island into two factions: those who have taken an objective view and absorbed the available evidence, even if reluctantly, and those who have stubbornly accepted only the propaganda best suited to maintaining their fragile illusions.

    It has to be painful to remain in the position of a local who must work ever harder at avoiding available factual information, evidence that will cleanly topple dearly held false beliefs. Their feeble arguments in support of the whitewash are factually unsustainable already, and history will ultimately be on the side of the evidence. Already, it is socially awkward and shameful for any intelligent, self-respecting individual to remain willfully unaware of the stronger evidence published on blogs and in the Guardian. Who wants to look like a complete fool?

    Leah McGrath Goodman is not the only person writing about this. There are no unaffiliated outsiders left who believe the CTV, JEP or other state media cohorts or masters on the subjects of Lenny Harper, Stuart Syvret, Graham Power, Data Protection sponsored S.I.'s, the banning of Leah McGrath Goodman, or the extremely sinister "discouragement" of any outside scrutiny. The already known facts are enough to expose a very illegal cover-up, even if she is not the one who first publicizes the evidence to a wider world. The chanted mantra of "Nobody knew what was really going on" will fall flat, permanently humiliating those who struggled too long to hold on to the State sponsored fantasy.

    1. Ian, the comment at 9.56pm is first class

      Any chance you can paste this direct link to it on that toxic FB CTV thread?

    2. I can try but I reckon they will take it off instantly, great comment though :)

    3. Can't you post it, I have already put 3 posts up! People will start to get sick of it if the same guy keeps commenting.

  7. From Ms Goodman's own blog, here is her response regarding Jersey criticism of her statements about books being banned in Jersey.

    "Seeing as you have a lovely library at Halkett Place (where I have a library card) clearly ALL books are not banned from Jersey. Anyone who says otherwise did not watch my interview on the Keiser Report. One book recently banned from your island was “Nobody Came” by Robbie Garner. It was Mr. Garner’s first-person account of how he and his little brother were raped and tortured at Haut de la Garenne. (His brother beaten until brain dead, actually.) Garner witnessed the deaths of several young boys, from suicide to murder. Extremely sad story and not one people in Jersey could buy from the bookshops when it came out because the shops were not allowed to ship the book to the island or sell it. I spoke to them myself. They told me they had ordered it, but it never arrived. They checked to see why and it turned out to be a commercial ban on the title by the island’s authorities. There are a few copies at the library, however."

  8. Anonymous at 9.56 you have written a short but excellent appraisal of Ms McGrath Goodman situation and feedback. Human nature being what it is an often overlooked by the academics that live in that strange bubble. As you say, the truth will also stand alone sometimes lonely, very often forgotten.

    The big problem that people have is that it cannot be beaten whatever devices they use to usurp it.

    The advancing internet army or all age groups, professions will over power and overrun the self interest groups and immorally bankrupt minority elite as long as objective facts and the facts are presented.

    The power controllers know this, why else are they resorting to super injunctions in there desperate effort to keep control on Jersey ?


  9. So right, BB. Methinks human nature wars with itself - shifting priorities between patriotic pride and resentment over being misled and made the fool. It is easy to understand individuals anywhere, wishing to believe the best about their own community in spite of some nagging doubts, but woe be to those officials who deliberately mislead and make fools of their own people in an unsustainable attempt to deceive. A humiliated people made to appear foolishly deceived will eventually turn against the grand liars, no matter how much they initially resented the truth tellers. Many people are unhappily torn between two positions now.

  10. There is a big difference between the multiple trolls' hostile nitpicking everything about Leah McGrath Goodman and the free pass these same trolls give to the state media cover-up hacks. Now why is that? It took them months to find her video and comment on it, so it must be an orchestrated campaign. See JEP business news for explanation of new funding to silence critics. Once again, it's all about the cover-up of child abuse, and no expense will be spared to keep it concealed.

  11. How interesting that Channel TV is again attacking investigators of atrocities against children on this island.

    Deceased Jersey Senator Wilfred Krichefsky CTV's first managing director.
    Wilfred Krichefsky incidentally was the "Fat Man" who would come to HDLG with his friend to abuse boys.

    Wilfred Krichefsky spent time as president of the Defence Committee (i.e. head of the POLICE during the time when escaping children were returned to their tormentors - literally no where to turn)

    Cut this filthy disease out of our island !
    Channel Television is still showing every sign of being a part of the disease.

    Perhaps someone could be kind enough to mention CTV's fat fiend on their twitter thread.

  12. ctv are involved

  13. Anon, "not for publication" fair comment, as who needs it hey!

  14. Anon who gave me the name of who I presume is an alleged paedophile, I too have heard this many times but....without proof, we can't go plastering the name all over the net.

    If you have concrete evidence, please forward it to me and matters can then progress, if not, without a victim coming forward we are powerless to do anything....