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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"State Media In Bed With The Jersey Police"

"Jersey Police & State Media Happy Not To Tell Us What They Don't Do"

Rather worryingly of late, Jersey's State Media have been in a push to promote the Jersey Police on the issue of investigating complaints.

I say this because we saw it with the "Writing on the wall" episode the other week, we have seen it with any sort of domestic violence, also recently with child abuse and other issues, not that I am complaining about all these issues being investigated.

But why, if the Jersey Police are so willing as they say they are, to investigate all of these different types of crimes, are they still refusing to take complaints?

We have seen it with myself, with Cyril, and recently with one of Deputy Trevor Pitman's cases, a complete refusal to entertain the idea of taking a criminal complaint. Even when the Police do actually instigate a complaint process, the outcome of the complaint appears to be entirely dependent on who the complainant is, and who it is they are complaining about!

I will be covering this issue in my last posting of the day which will be in an hour or two, and rather revealing let me tell you :)

Also worthy of note below, is the Jersey Police 2013 policing plan. What is the betting that it will have it's major emphasis on revenue generating statutes?

Crime rates fall in Jersey

New figures out today show reported crime in Jersey is going down.

The police say there were 168 fewer crimes committed last year, compared to 2011.

The force are also highlighting a big drop in the number of burglaries.

In total, reported crime fell by 4%.

There were 22% fewer break-ins, that is made up of a 14% fall in burglaries, and 26% reduction in break-ins to other buildings.

But they also caught more motorists breaking the law.

The number of islanders caught speeding more than doubled to 1,341 people in total.

457 people were found using their mobile phone while driving, a 14% increase on 2011.

And 505 people were not wearing their seat belts, a 32% increase.

But fewer people were caught drink driving - 185 compared to 217 in 2011.

Chief Officer Mike Bowron said: "2012 was our 60th anniversary year and I am delighted that the crime figures continue to fall and we are committed to see that continue. 2012 was a busy year for officers with major incidents such as the Gas Place Fire to large-scale community events like the Olympic Torch Relay and the Diamond Jubilee Royal Visit."

"A drop in the crime figures is something to be extremely proud of and I hope the people of Jersey, and those who visit, will be reassured at our commitment to protecting and serving our communities. We will not be complacent, and the next 12 months will see the force efforts focused on much more of the same.

In the next few days Jersey Police will publish their policing plan which will outline their 2013 priorities.


  1. how come the police are allowed to commit all those crimes listed as part of there duty. crime as fallen becouse every one is fucking off

  2. On Wednesday's "Channel Report" Mr Bowron jokingly refered to catching "the bad guys" (copying what the interviewer said).
    That should be most un-PC these days. I've always assumed that the average "bad guy" is most usually a Good Guy on hard times, in a state of distress, lashing out at injustice, making a lapse of judgement, using common sense against overly restrictive rules, etc.

    Talking of "bad guys" is ridiculous for a Police Chief, even in jest. It deserves a story of its own here, and an apology from MB I reckon.

  3. you need to google bowron he is a bad guy from met working for Jarsey and secretly reporting back to the met

  4. Bowron is the "YES MAN"of all "YES MEN",it is no small wonder that "on paper", crime figures are down if the SOJP do not recognise the complaints let alone investigate them, ignore them and they do not count!
    Bowron will be around for a long time, doing and saying exactly what the Establishment want!

  5. Seat belt offences up 32%..... No small wonder, a nice simple 'statistic' offence for the bobby standing on a street corner ( you see them all around town when the newbies are being tutored) however dic offences are down because...quote 'the message is getting through' WTF Mike, you can't have it both ways? The reason that dic'sare down is because they can't be detected by looking at someone through a car window! (Like set belts and mobiles ) but of course that doesn't suit your agenda does it? Btw did anyone else see the cop sat in a shogun at the end of Gloucester street for a few hours looking for red light offences ( it was one of those fully grown cops on 60k a year!) he was parked fully on the pavement in his nice waterproof heated jeep and then would drive at high speed along the pavement, blue lights flashing and then 'speed' to chase the serious offender! WTF ( again! )

  6. Would like to see the statistics from the hospital for knife injuries and serious assaults. Had heard that A&E have been dealing with a large rise in these kinds of incidents. Would tend to believe them, as we all know our police don't really like to get involved in these kinds of crimes, as they simply don't pay! Unlike serious crimes like not wearing a seat belt etc.