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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Sea Wall Graffiti - The Pictures They Don't Want You To See"

"A Little Taster"

Our little effort will be up online tonight around 7.00pm.

It will not be hosted here though, you will need to check out the
VoiceForChildren Blog
at the link below.



  1. Well it's not the first time that I have heard of foreign prostitutes operating in the island. I remember a few years back ( maybe 2/3 ) that rumours were rife about Quids Inn operating a ring from there !!

  2. Turk 182 Welcome back....

  3. At last someone who knows how to wake people up (no reflection on this fine blog.) but examples the writings on the wall although unsightly bold and to the point which is no more than the subject it is dealing with, We have a tortured sole out there and its time all these victims from across this cesspit of and island came together and stood up to fight this, I know it seems impossible and know one will listen but these words on the wall will forever be in the minds of people and pictures are already circulating the net.

    Turk 182 Welcome back....

  4. Here is another bit of hard work that PAID OFF