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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Sea Wall Graffiti & Erroneous State Media Reporting!!!"

"Q: When Can You Believe The State Media?"

"A: Never!"

Reporting on the Sea Wall Graffiti, which was conveniently portrayed by the Church and the State Media as "A Cry For Help"
and which has raised so many concerns throughout all sections of the community, has been solely down to BBC Jersey (british bullshit corporation), Channel Television (cover-up tv), and the Jersey Evening Post (the filthy rag).
They are the only ones who have had access to what was written along hundreds of meters of the sea wall last Friday, and therefore were the only ones in a position to report accurately on the matter....Until Now!

So....Just how accurate was the Jersey State Media reporting?

We find out below :)

"BBC Jersey"

We start with their picture.

1. Below their picture it said "The graffiti in Jersey made allegations of sexual abuse against three named people".
1a. Is this true?....NO!!!

2. "The lettering, which detailed accusations against three named people".
2a. Is this true?....It is misleading, and the gravity of these accusations differ enormously.

3. "Jersey Police said they had no record of complaints against the people named in the writing."
3a. Is this true? Probably....As we know, the Jersey police don't investigate crimes nowadays!

4. "Constable Refault said he felt the person responsible for writing along the wall needed to be assisted rather than prosecuted."
4a. Dream on Constable Refault....No such compassion exists in Jersey, unless of course, your a child abuser holding "The Currency"!

5. "Monsignor Nicholas France, the head of the Catholic church in Jersey, added that he worried the writing could be a cry for help."
5a. That's a bit odd? The writing infers that the Church was complicit in damping down these matters to a silence!

"Channel Television"

We start with their picture.

Who else but Cover up TV, after seeing hundreds of meters of Graffiti,
could come up with a picture of a blank wall?

1. "Jersey Police are investigating damage caused to the sea wall between the Gunsite Cafe and Bel Royal over the weekend."
1a. WoHo!!!....Shame they're not investigating the reasons lurking behind the damage to the sea wall!

2. "It's thought that the graffiti would have taken a long time to write as it stretched over a good section of the sea wall."
2a. No shit Sherlock!

3. "the writing also claims that the Church ignored what was going on."
3a. Is this true?....NO!!!....As we read above, it infers that the Church assisted in the silence.

4. "Monseigner Nicholas France responded to the claims saying he nor any other of the clergy on the island knew of these stories."
4a. Has he asked all members of the clergy?

5. "The Church is under strict guidelines that if someone came forward with allegations we would refer it to the police, after all it is an alleged criminal offence."
5a. Even if it was said in a confessional booth?

6. "We would like to reassure the public that the investigation of all incidents of sexual abuse are a priority for the States of Jersey Police."
6a. Oh sure....Unless of course, your name is Bonner, Wherry, Maguire, Mariola, Lundy, Paine, etc etc.

7. "Any persons from all areas of the community who have been subject of any abuse are encouraged to come forward and speak to us. We have specially trained officers available for them to speak to, and work with a number of partnership agencies to support them."
7a. But....We really don't like to prosecute abuse cases so don't get your hopes up to high!

"Jersey Evening Post"

We start with their picture.

"Have you guessed - your connection to"

We also finish with their picture as they didn't write anything about the story
other than stating the bleeding obvious, which is below!

"A large stretch of sea wall along St Aubin’s Bay was daubed with white graffiti at the weekend. The lettering was painted on the sea side of the wall between the Gunsite CafĂ© and Bel Royal. The Police are appealing for information."

Even though their photographer didn't possess enough grey matter to stand back from the wall to take the picture so that we could read it! We would still like to thank the J.E.P for their picture.


Well, 'our' set of pictures is not quite complete as we have discovered from the one above. We thought we were one short on our examination of the pictures we possess, but obviously didn't know which one, now we do :)

So the J.E.P must now take huge pride in knowing that their company is not 'completely' useless!!!




This bias and unreliable excuse for reporting is the exact reason that we need reporters like Leah McGrath Goodman on this island, instead of banning her from Jersey and the UK for doing her job properly!!!

Please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks, and help Leah get her visa reinstated.


  1. At the very least, please publish the whole text but with names blanked out.

    1. The names will of course be removed as we do not know if any of what is written is true. Having said that, it would be a lot of work on a very cold night for a woman, or a gay, to do that much painting!

    2. it will happen again but somewere every one will see next time

  2. I'm intrigued by what was actually written and whether it is anyway tied up with the greater issues of corruption and concealment, and this is why we have the miss reporting and obfuscation?

    Look forward to future postings on this subject Ian.

  3. Turk 182 Welcome back....

  4. Thanks for posting these images, it's important that they're seen. Please could you maybe refer to gay men instead of 'a gay', though? Gay ain't a noun, it's just a preference, and we're no more or less likely to be good or bad than anyone else (although gay men are probably *less* likely to rape women than anything). Cause, some of the words on the sea wall are pretty homophobic - attempting to whip up fear and anger against gay immigrant men on the island by saying that they're spreading fatal disease is as homophobic as it gets, really (honestly, anyone hiring a rentboy should use condoms anyway, that's just basic sense, surely). I grew up gay in the island, and it is pretty difficult and dangerous at times - haven't got enough fingers to count how many friends have been assaulted, and sometimes been hospitalised. Although things are getting better, this graffitti is clearly naming two people as gay - basically, we (gay people) need allies, not to be blamed as part of a terrible crime (I'm speaking of the attack on the person who wrote the graffitti, to clarify).

    Whoever wrote this clearly needs to be heard, and listened to, and believed, because there is a grave injustice and a violent attack at the heart of this story, but putting other people in danger is not ok - while they're not named here, loads of people have seen the names on the wall. There is a victim in this story, and a rapist, and countless untold names who tried to cover this up - and it should NOT be covered up, and if it needs to be painted ten foot high on a wall to be heard, then, I can't blame anyone who wants to paint it. Just... please leave gay people out of it.

    1. Anon, how can gay people be left out of it when, according to the author, they are a rather large part of the story?

      That is just ridiculous!

  5. No, the main part of the story is that a woman was attacked, and there was a cover-up. The other major part is that there's a sex ring in the Island, also being covered up. Naming two people as gay and diseased is not on a par, and I'd hope you'd recognise that.