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Saturday, 12 January 2013

"PRIDE-less & PREJUDICE" Part 3

"The Battle Between Good & Evil"

"In The Case Of Cyril The Squirrel V's The Attorney General"

Le Squirrel

Le Cocq

Heard Before King Birt
The Royal Court Of Jersey

Below is the judgement of Michael Birt for the appeal against the default sentence for non-payment of parking fines. It's all pretty self explanatory.

Please click on the pics to read them :)


  1. In the Courts judgement, Cyril had abandoned his appeal, yet the court chose not to hear his reason for doing so.

    Cyril claimed not to be Mr. Vibert and gave reason.

    Judge chose to ignore this. Whats a living breathing common law man to do when this discussion is acknowledged as nothing to say?

  2. Anon

    That is the extent to which our alleged justice system has deteriorated and crumbled to it's lowest ever ebb, total lawlessness!!!

    Myself and Le Squirrel will be holding a meeting shortly for interested parties about a certain issue that will undoubtedly be a huge turning point in the battle against this wholly corrupt regime. The end product will hopefully be the remedy that the oppressed of this beautiful island are seeking.

    I will be getting in touch with Jersey's stalwarts for change shortly :)

  3. The Bailiff could find no aggravating circumstances to Cyril's "crime", why then did he give Cyril the suggested maximum sentence for the default, or are parking infractions justification in of themselves to warrant the maximum sentence?

    1. Anon, the Bailiff was not the presiding judge at trial, the thoroughly warped and twisted assistant magistrate Bridget Shaw was! The Bailiff heard the appeal against conviction, which he dismissed without batting an eyelid (and which I personally believe was utter duplicity on the part of everyone involved). Cyril was then lashed in jail and appealed against his manifestly excessive sentence which was three fold harsher than any other pleb in Jersey would have received, excepting alone, Stuart Syvret and myself.

      Cyril then discovered, via the prison authorities, that he had been turned over by the Viscounts department representative, and utter Fuckwit, Lester Hammon. Cyril had been defaulted on the fines by virtue of a date for the commencement of the payment of the fines that the Fuckwit Lester Hammon had simply plucked out of thin air, yet had not addressed the Royal Court (presided over by the Bailiff) with when getting paid for sitting in court for two thirds of the day for doing nothing but sitting there with a smirk on his face!

      Cyril then appealed his manifestly excessive sentence on the information he had received from the prison authorities based on the date the Viscounts department wanker, Lester Hammon, had done his thin air trick with.

      The Bailiff, at appeal, had cottoned on that Cyril had worked out what their scam was all about, and therefore ruled in Cyril's favour as the option of not ruling in Cyril's favour would have dire repercussions for the Royal Court and it's corrupt goings on. Cyril simply won because he confronted these wankers after sussing out their own game :)

  4. At point 10 of the Bailiff's judgement he states; ",the appellant was served with notice of default in respect of the fines because he had failed to pay them in accordance with the order of the Magistrate's Court."

    This is incorrect, at no time was I served with a notice of default, in fact I was not served with any paperwork at all, nor did Mr Hamon even show me a notice of default or any other paperwork.

    my first view of the notice of default happened whilst I was in prison, it was shown to me by the deputy govenor Charlie Bertram, on my request, about 5 days into my sentence. The prison will have a record of this.


  5. No. 15 A repeat defaulter? Why are the court not using a civil default which is included in statutes against Cyril, if sovereign status as a man common law is supreme if common law default is established and incorporated in civil law.