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Thursday, 24 January 2013

"Over Paid & Under Worked - The Jersey Police"

"Evidenced Criminal To Assess Police Pay"

One of Jersey's worst government criminals, Home Affairs Minister & Fruitcake, Ian Le Marquand will be sitting in judgement of police pay. If he isn't incarcerated himself before the current pay agreement ends in 2015, that is!!!

Now that Chief Officer Mike Bowron has a new policy of not investigating reported crimes, and which policy has recently mutated into not even taking the complaints of the crimes, it is quite obvious to all and sundry that a pay cut is imminent.

That should cheer up Jersey's tax paying mugs....


  1. Come on Ian, you must be bursting at the seams to put a comment on this story! :-)

    The Beano is not the Rag

  2. hahaha, I am.

    But, the story I am typing up as we speak, is a lot more damning than anything worth commenting on in this posting. I should be done shortly :)

  3. IF YOU BAN DRINK OVER HERE THE POLICE WILL BE FUCKED they can only catch drunks and its the police who have fucked up jersey not gobshite politicians POLICE STATE FOR PEADOS

  4. Overpaid is certainly true, after 4 years on the force, a lowly Constable is on £48,500 a year, more than a Sergeant in the Met.
    A Cadet begins on over £37K.
    As stated in JEP 24/1/13 the SOJP are 70% better off than than their UK opposite numbers, in my opinion they are at 70% less risk also, the horrific murders in Jersey last year was a "one off", it is also disconcerting to realise that Firemen are paid considerably less than Police, a Fireman puts his life on the line every time he is called out
    What is more of a scandal is the fact that the SOJ cannot attract Nurses to Jersey on account that the poor wages does not equate with the high cost of living, and then a Politician says he will be accepting the £800 rise "because he is worth it", what then is the true worth of a trained nurse?
    Civil servants are also overpaid, and in many cases "that we know of" they leave office with life changing amounts of money, these facts should be a source of great embarrassment to our leaders, but that is not a word anyone could associate with these people
    To be realistic, the SOJP deal mainly with drunks, domestics,and traffic.
    Public spending in this Island over the edge!