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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Only £200,000 For A Glimmer Of Hope!"

…but stars come out to offer glimmer of hope for new industry

Bill Nighy who could be filming in Jersey

A multi million pound blockbuster fantasy movie could be filmed in Jersey's castles.

The movie "Knights of Impossingworth" is set to feature Golden Globe nominee Bill Nighy and film star Malcolm McDowell.

There is controversy over the movie though, as questions are being raised after the Economic Department gave a grant of around £200,000 to the film company behind it.

Deputy Richard Rondel says it's a considerable amount of money to risk in the current financial climate.

Economic Development Minister, Senator Alan Maclean thinks it is a great way to attract people to the island.

Above: This could be the scene of the blockbuster fantasy film.

The last big film to be shot here was 'Fierce Creatures' in 1997, but it was one day's filming only, which was shot up at Durrell. The majority of the film was however shot in England. 

Film makers of 'Force 10 from Navarone' also came to Jersey. According to the documentary they were planning to be here for at least a couple of weeks.

Recent films 'The Others' and 'Magicians' used Jersey for their plot also, but didn't film here.


  1. Hold on what are you saying? could be filmed here? could win the Grand National ? here is £200,000 quid this is a gamble.

    Which idiot in the States sanctioned this wobbler.

    Bowron of your leash, find out which States family members work for this film company or if a States member has been given a part.

  2. Bye Bye £200,000. Deputy Rondel, good Jersey Boy get your nose into it,start asking the questions and don,t take no for an answer.

  3. mclean his nephew is in the cast but it might not get filmed here they are looking at sark instead

  4. Macleans Nephew,

    You are joking I hope, as this would be nepotism of the highest order, probably CORRUPTION using taxpayers money.

    This must be a windup, Maclean is not so stupid to act in such a conflicted way ?

  5. More info please!