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Friday, 4 January 2013

"Jersey's Little Buggers Face Disciplinary Hearing"

Hearing into police officers actions in Curtis Warren case

A police disciplinary hearing is taking place in Jersey today into the actions of three senior officers during the investigation into drugs baron Curtis Warren.

Curtis "Cocky" Warren was a global criminal, who made his mark on Jersey when he tried to bring £1 million of cannabis into the island.

Once Interpol's most wanted man and a notorious gangster who once made the Sunday Times Rich List with a fortune of £40 million, it was a huge coup when Jersey Police nabbed him.

But after it emerged that police had used illegal means to get that conviction, they faced losing their prize catch.

Ahead of the hearing, Advocate Philip Sinel said: "Chief Inspector David Minty, Inspector Louis Beghin and Detective Sergeant Lawrence Courtness all deny categorically that they have behaved unlawfully, improperly without advice or that any action that they took was unauthorised.

David Minty
Louis Beghin

Advocate Sinel believes the media have reported the case unbalanced. He says, "Reporting of this matter in the media has thus far been both selective and unbalanced bringing additional hardship, worry and anxiety not only to my clients, but to their families and friends on top of the hardship, worry and anxiety inherent in being unjustly accused.

"They are all long-serving officers of good character who should properly have received the commendations for the work on the Warren case advocated by former Acting Chief Officer David Warcup and by former Chief Officer Graham Power.

"The way in which this case is being presented, ostensibly on behalf of the Jersey Police, unless challenged, could well result in my clients not receiving a fair hearing in relation to these serious allegations".

The hearing at the Pomme D'or is not open to the public.

In 2009, Warren and five associates were unanimously convicted of planning to buy cannabis worth £1 million in Amsterdam, take it by car to Normandy, and smuggle it to Jersey by boat. 

If Warren and his gang had succeeded, they would have taken a major chunk of the island's illegal drug market and earned enough money to finance further shipments. 

The grounds of Warren's appeal lay in the actions of Jersey police - who he says illegally bugged a car in order to gain evidence.

At his trial in 2009, the jury heard one bugged conversation in which Warren described the scheme as 'just a little starter'. 

Warren claimed that Jersey police broke the law by bugging a car in France, Belgium and Holland, without permission from the European authorities.

What was never in question was that Warren has been a lifetime criminal - spending his life since he was 12 in and out of prison.

And it looks like it is not just his freedom he has lost.

Police have reiterated that they plan to claim back any assets he has - believed to be a substantial fortune.


  1. The cops are being strung out when it's Matthew Jowitt and the law officers who should be facing criminal charges. The cops should be facing criminal charges also.

  2. Surprised Minty hasn't put a super injunction on cover up tv!

  3. every hitman in liverpool know who they are now

  4. They have known for a long time

  5. Is anyone really surprised at this whitewash!!!

    no drugs recovered no money recovered - just the local plod doing what they do best screwing the system with assistance from the slime-ball lawyers. Nothing has changed since the days of Quinn, Follain and Blenkinsop so why would anyone in this shithole expect anything resembling justice ! ? ! ? ! ?

    1. Boy, that comment took me back a few years :)

  6. going to work this morning and i was shoked woman lying on floor police everywhere .terrorists had struck there was fairy liquid evry where how could this happen we need armed police by fountain